SDL2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Sam L's sport iMovie project
    • This was my favorite project in the two years. That is because i had lots of fun finding all the cool sports videos and good music. It was a lot longer working by my self to finish this project but one strategy i used is find one sport section at a time them make the video into one with all the other sports. This video contest of Baseball, football, basketball, and Hockey.
  • Kerbal space program
    • this was one of my favorite projects for a few reasons. I like working with a partner, i worked with Jack. The strategies we used was that one person worked on the YouTube playlist and the other person would play the game. This got work done a lot quicker. Also another reason why i liked this is because i liked building the planes and rockets. I liked learning the different parts of the plane and rockets from different parts of the ship. overall this project was lots of fun.
  • Raz2 Sdl2 Screencasting
    • This project is screen casting it. We played a game called Civilization. It is a game were you try to survive and take over many cities. A few weakness that i found out about by self is that i am slow at learning computer games. a strength is that i now know that i am good at editing videos on Imovie.
  • Kerbal Space Program JMW12 SDL2
    • This makes me happy because I learned about building spaceships and Planes. I needed to learn how to make it sable and not to heavy. Also it made me learn how to do a screen recording. At first this project was hard because we did not know how to make the plane stable. Also we did not know the difference between liquid fuel and solid. We would put liquid and solid engines and fuel tanks together and it would not work because the engine could not take solid fuel. We worked around this by learning to but liquid fuel with a liquid fuel engine.
  • Lego stop motion
    • For one this is the project i have made this marking period. One of the biggest reasons though is because we took good time on it. It became a the last one was the hardest because we had to make it look like it was shooting the cannon with the cotton balls and when it missed put the extra pieces for when the ground was getting shot at. The second on with the turning was also hard because turing the car is really hard to do.
  • Go Pro Project
    • I picked this project because this is the project we are in the middle of. We only have are proposal I have some footage but we have not download it yet. We had gone to Boyne Highlands and Boyne Mountain. are project is about to get really good.I hope that the project will be good
  • Go Pro Project
    • We had not gotten another project so i did this one again but this time I have it closer to the end the videos that we have are crop down to the important part. One time i accidentally deleted all the videos we had. I could only get back some of them but the rest are on my GoPro. We are still trying to get music in the video. I also need Chris to bring in his GoPro so we can edit what he has on his. Then we will try to upload it to you tube once we have all of are footage done and get an account.
  • NXT Kit
    • In this project i had made an electric guitar. During this project i had some trouble uploading the Lego mind storm software after i was able to download it the sounds for the guitar and the cords would not work. I was not able to finish the project because of these problems. After that i did not make anything else. I just sorted the box out after that.

Top Reflections:

  • I/We think... that i got further then i thought is was. I was able to add in a lot of videos and had to find more in academic lab. i was thinking next week that i would get some music and if i can't find any good music i will ask for songs people like.
    • I like this reflection because it says what i did this week. It says that i was able to get lots of my videos. it also says how/ where i worked. I like how what i think i could do in the future or next week. I think that this is a good reflection because it covers a lot of things i did that week.
  • How could I/we make it better? More interesting? We could make it better by making it to another planet. we think it would be really cool if we could do that. We also want to walk a lot of place's with one of the People. We would also want to find out how to make good airplanes. We also think it would be more interesting if we could make challenges for are self
    • I like this reflection for a few reasons. one was that it tells what we might want to do for the next week. Also it tells people what i think would be more interesting. It also tells people what we might of problems with like making the airplanes. Also we are saying that the project was to easy at the time and that we needed it to be more challenging.
  • Describe your progress towards your goals.
    We shorted up our video which was one of our big goals. but on Friday Ryan was not here so i had to make a tips and tricks page in my opinion if this was one of my goals i think i did great because i got done with 7 tips.
    what you learned about your tool(s) or topic
    • I like this reflection for many reasons. One reason is that it shows the goals that i was able to achieve or not achieve. This also shows the work that i have down like getting our video shortened up. Another thing that it shows is that i got 7 tips down in about one hour. it also shows what i have down over the week.
  • "How could I/we make it better? More interesting? we could make it better by making it to another planet. we think it would be really cool if we could do that. We also want to walk a lot of place's with one of the People. We would also want to find out how to make good airplanes. We also think it would be more interesting if we could make challenges for are self."
    • I really like this reflection because it tells people on what we needed to improve on. It also says what we think that could make this project more interesting like making it to the mun. I Like it also because it is very specific on what we need to do better.

We think that we did good this week. We had set every thing up on Tuesday to do are filming and late on Thursday we finished it. It was really hard because we couldn't find a good camera angle. we still didn't get the best one because we where running out of time that day. this is the movie we decided to do a police chance not a raceWe think that we did good. We finished are proposal and found a project that we will do if we don't have video for go pro. we will do scores, standings and stats for red wings.
    • This reflection is really good. I really like it because it tells that we did good. I also liked it because that week we had got something done.
  • We were able to edit all most all of my footage. we are still trying to get music in and get chris to bring in is GoPro with his charger so we can download his footage.
    • I like this reflection because it shows what we had done that week and what we need to do. Also it tells what we can do to improve.
      "Copy/paste a favorite reflection here."
  • We made the one thing with the nxt kit and we still have to download the program and other things.It should look and sound like thi
    • I like this this reflection because it was very descriptive. It had a video that i had found on you tube which was pretty nice. It also tells people what i will do the next week to in a way.

Top Peer Critiques
  • Your project was good but one thing I would suggest is to cut out some if the player was not running.
    • this critique is very short but it tells the person what they should change in there project. Also it is a nice critique. this critique tells the person that they have a few parts in the video that they could change. like how to cut some of there video out to make it shorter.
  • You should add a video of how to play the game not just have it be you playing the game.
    • this is not the longest critiques but it still tells him how to make his project better. It is not mean either so he could take my advice. Also he said it was a challenging game so if it is teaching people how to play would make it easyer for people.

  • It was a good project one thing i would suggest to take pictures of all your parts before you make your time laps
    • I think this is a good one for many reasons. one of the reasons is that it is nice. another reason is that it is criticizing but in a good way. i think he might a;so use it.
  • Your project was great. This should be a good project. One thing that i would add is a time laps or a normal video of you making the computer
    • I like this critique because it is nice but still tells him what he could do better. It also is also telling him something to make his project more interesting then it is.
      your project is really good. but on thing you could try and add in is how many sticks you used. or add in how many high you built you house. One last thing you that would be cool if you made a webpage for how to make them.
  • I liked this comment because it is nice but it still tells him a few things he could say. It tells him that he should make a webpage. Also says he could of told us how high it was. It was a good critique because it would not offended him
  • The project was good. But you should have made a page for scratch. Also made the gamester mechanic embed Not a link because then people can't see it without you.
    • I like this because it was nice and it was still making corrections on what he should do. I really think that he should embed his projects.
  • The project was great. One thing I thought that would of been good if you found a way to export your video to your page.
    • I like this critique because it was nice while it still was something good to tell him. This is also tells him something really important.

All Projects:

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