SCT1's Portfolio

Top Projects:


  • Yoga
    • I recently started yoga at the end of the 3rd quarter.
  • Photography
    • For the first half of the 3rd quarter I decided to do a photography project. I picked photography because I think its really cool how you can take different photos in different ways. I watched many different youtube videos and learned different techniques and styles to take amazing photos. I also look at previous project pages to understand what I should put in my own photography portfolio. At first I wanted to take all the photos in the school, but then I scrolled through my camera roll and found many of the techniques I learned already there. I would say that my project was successful because I was very happy with the photos I took, and my portfolio had lots of photos.
  • ASL project
    • My partner Eden and I decides to learn ASL. We thought it would be beneficial to ourselves and possibly to others in the future. We picked ASL because it was not as hard to learn as some other languages. Later I found out that Seaholm High school offers ASL as a language for 9th and 10th grade. At first Eden and I started to watch youtube videos and quickly learns some signs. We would actually watch those same youtube videos over and over again later so we really memorized the signs. Then, we would film short videos about simple daily conversations. ASL is unique from other languages, instead of translating from your brain to your mouth you are translating into your hands.
      Overall, this was a good quarter because I feel like I learned quite a bit.
  • Youtube and Blog
    • Originally I just wanted to post Youtube videos to a channel but I was told that just having a fashion youtube channel was not enough so I made a blog too. I really thought about what interested my the most to post about and I really like fashion. I started my Blog on and currently I have two blog posts, I have not fully finished editing my blog so that the overall look of it looks good, I want to continue to do this project throughout the year and work on it . I have gained more experience with typing and speaking towards an audience. This was hard because I really have to watch what I say and make sure it makes sense. This quarter I did not get as much done as I would have hoped but I will continue next quarter.
  • Where The wild Things Are- Music Vid Cover
    • Paris started this project I saw everything she was filming and what program she was using to edit. I was interested the project so I talked to Paris and Mr. Whitmer then I was granted permission to join her project. Paris had already started to use the song Where The Wild Things Are so I started working with what she already had. Paris and I went outside about once a week to film, we would occasionally take other people outside like Kate and Eden. We faced some problems throughout the project, there were several times where we accidentally moved clips around or deleted them but there is not a back button on final cut pro. That meant we had to match our clips up with the music the way they were before. Overall the project was a lot of fun and we successfully uploaded the finished video to YouTube.
  • Interior Design
    • I choose this project because I wanted to redo my room for a while and I always love watching organizational and decorative videos. I gained more experience on sticking with a theme, I learned that if you have too many themes the area can look messy. I stuck to 2 themes but they were very similar. The first theme was black and white, and the second was a natural earthy/minimalist theme. throughout the project I learned how to make a room look good without craving too many styles of themes into it. One struggle I found throughout the project was filing time. I pretty busy on weekdays so I had to do most of my filming on weekends. I ended up not finishing the overall video because the software I was using to edit would not allow me to export the video and I could not get all my clips onto another system.
  • The Golden Key
    • Eden and I choose this project because we wanted to do a movie. We thought that a spy/action movie would fit the best with what we can offer at the school considering what the school looks like, we could not film an under the sea video here. We have gained a little bit more acting experience and we also learned how to us a tripod and connect it to a phone. We ran into a problem that set us back little bit Eden was not here sometimes so I could not film without her. It all came together at the end and we uploaded our video to YouTube.
  • Sirena and Eden Raindrop Cake
    • We chose this project because we wanted to do something that not a lot of people have done. We went into this project with not a lot of cooking skill but now we feel we have gained more cooking skill. This project was a good experience because it made us become patient. We needed to have patience because you could not interrupt the mold while forming. This was a excellent project to test our ability. We succeeded in this project because we got the raindrop cake to form in a pretty quick time.

Top Reflections:

  • Eden and I finished our project proposal. We learned more basic ASL terms and we found an online course on youtube and I downloaded an app on my phone. Eden did not have her phone so she will download it later. Eden and I are are going to spend Fridays talking to each other about what we learned and on Wednesdays we will learn more signs in a categories. So far I found the all learning pretty easy but I still do not remember everything I saw. Eden and I always watch the videos more than one time to retain the info.
    • I chose this reflection because Eden and I decided on a plan we were going to stick to, to help us move forward. This was established when we first started the project, we stuck to this plan and it helped us learn lots of signs.
  • One example of a failure I had was ... When I realized I could not do much to my blog before taking more photos and documenting for my projects at home because I will need to plan out my outfits and I do not have a closet at school. I did plan out future video ideas for my Youtube channel in my notes app on my computer, so when I go home I can start to film and take photos for my blog and Youtube. I showed failure by not working on my blog because I had nothing to upload, as soon as possible I will document for my blog and Youtube channel. I realized that I could use an app called polyvore to help me plan out my outfits as a resource. To be more successful and proactive I will put a reminder in my phone to remind me to document.
    • I choose this reflection because even though I showed failure I showed how I would not make the same mistake. Even though I could not upload to my blog, I wrote out ideas for my youtube channel and I was still productive.

Our goal is to film more clips for the music video.
We showed self monitoring because we went outside and filmed by our selves. We got all the clips we needed to finish up the rest of the music video. We made good use of time by moving from spot to spot quickly. Some scenes we had to re-film because the angles were not longways fit for a computer screen.
One way we showed self monitoring...
  • I choose this reflection because it showed what I did that day and was not too long or too short. I showed how we accomplished something and also how I ran into a problem. I also explained how I showed self monitoring which was one of the prompts.
I will most likely continue to edit in all the classes because I cannot film my room at school. I got lots of filming done at home so I had lots to edit while I was at school. I did not completely finish editing all the clips I had filmed because I want to make them perfect. Some things I was working on was covering old books to be decorative. How will I keep getting footage? Every weekend I will redo one part of my room to go into the video.
  • I choose this reflection because I really went in depth of what I did that day and what I need to get done next class, I asked myself a question that I was able to answer to keep me on track.
We will edit what we have for our video.
We edited what clips we had. We tried to make it look smooth for all of the transitions. We ran into a problem. Eden accidentally deleted some of the clips so we will have to re-film them next class. Next class we will continue to film and try to be more productive. We have an idea on how we can do that and be more careful.
  • I choose this reflection because it showed that we were trying and we had a hurdle we could jump over and what we can do to fix our problem.
We will edit our video.

We solved a problem.

    • We found it hard to crop the video clips. We found a way by hitting the help button. Then we found out we could do it strait from iMovie. We finished editing our introduction and our cooking. We also did voice overs. This was a good accomplishment because we figured out how to help our video in a way that will help us get to our goal of 50 views.
  • I choose this reflection because it showed we had accomplishments. It also showed that we had failures and struggles. We also found a way to compromise with the struggles and make our video better. We went up to our word and got a lot of editing done.

Top Critiques:

  • I think your calligraphy project is a very nice idea. I like how you are challenging yourself to learn a unique type of art which could teach you more about art. What will this project help you with? Are you going to show others how to do calligraphy?
    • I chose this critique because I asked a few questions about the project and said how I think the project idea would be beneficial.
  • I like the idea, how you presented the projects in a display and the theme of sports and classic games.. But I do feel feel like your project was a little sloppy, and maybe give some instructions on how to play. Overall I liked your project but it could use a little bit more effort in the manufacturing sense.
    • I chose this critique because I showed what I like and what I feel needs more improvement in the project. I also gave some suggestions.
  • I like how you showed the steps in an understandable way. There were somethings i thought needed work. To make your videos look more professional I think you need and Intro to start off the video and a scene where all the ingredients and layed out together with names of what they are and where to get them. Did you think of making the holes smaller for more playing space? I think that would make the project more useful and also everything you need to play fit in the tin.
    • I choose this critique because I was giving Brayden feedback on how to improve his project.
  • I liked how your video was very human and relaxed, one problem was that is was not very smooth. Is there a written recipe that I can look at that has the amounts of all the ingredients? This will help the watcher really understand how to cook the recipe.
    • I choose this critique because I asked an important question and gave feedback that was helpful.
  • I feel that you guys need to take your project more seriously. While you were presenting you were killed and your creation blown up. Your project would probably be a great but there seemed like there are still lots of obstacles. The stuff on your world is very spaced out, I had some trouble grasping onto the concept a little bit. It does not make that much sense. I like the idea very much. I hope your world works out and your project succeeds.
    • I choose this critique because it seemed like he needed a reminder to get the project done and to take it more seriously than blowing each other up.