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Top Projects:

  • Movie Critiques
    • I decided to highlight this project because it made me learn about how great and well known films are made. I also realized that some films that seem to be more successful than others, have many prime qualities contrasting to non successful films. We've watched movies from 1922 up to 2017, we've seen how movies have grown and improved over the years. What makes a movie successful has changed over the years, climaxes in horror films have increased and become scarier for more enjoyment and screams from the audience. All of our critiques are on movies that have hit top ratings and viewings. This project is not only fun in watching entertaining movies but also requires work, such as writing critiques consisting of more than one paragraph of our opinion on certain aspects of the movie.
  • Calligraphy
    • I decided to highlight this project because this project made me learn drawing and creative art skills. Calligraphy is an art I had to learn, it took patience to get it right and once you mastered the alphabet you could write words and sentences and even differences types of calligraphy like traditional or modern. I collaborated with other art groups and we combined what we were doing, for example I collaborated with people doing watercolor painting and they made pieces my partner and I would write on. In the beginning I did not know how to write calligraphy and it took time and concentration to really learn, thats what made this project hard.
    • I decided to highlight this project because it is a fun, hard working project. Baking different treats and realizing tips and feedback on Youtube makes this project fun and entertaining. Editing the videos making it smooth and nice and appealing to the public, and editing in all the short clips we film is hard work, that's what makes it hard work.

Top Reflections:

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    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
  • "One example of us managing our time well was ...
    Staying focused on our video and editing it to have smooth transitions and look appealing got the public.
    • We thought about how detailed the instructions were for all baking recipes, and how you have to follow those directions exactly or you can screw up the item you're baking.
    • We experienced
    • I learned that I like organize and take notes, or copy things down, differently than my partner, which may become a challenge later in the year.
    • We split up the work load into two parts, so we could
    • Me and my partner have the strength of problem solving quickly, and I noticed that sometimes one of us or both of us can get off task.
    • In some situations we have different solutions to the same problem, together we come up with a new solution new both agree on, I believe this is proof of a growth mindset.
    • The questions I have are, at what point will this project come to an end? Will there be a big controversy we can't get past? Will one of us become the "leader" of the partnership."

    • I chose to highlight this rubric because I feel that it explains the start of our baking project

Top Critiques:

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