SBA3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Rolling Roller-coasters
    • It went up many more mountains. I made it go up and turn in a tree. I changed it a bit and made it go on the water. I made a second lighthouse for presenting my mini roller-coaster then my big one and what I learned from the mini to the mega roller-coaster. I made it go into a small ditch then go back up the ditch. My roller-coasters are now about 6 minutes long for both roller-coasters and I learned how to stop rain.
  • Rolling Roller-coasters
    • I made a a lighthouse but put lava on it and it burned the house and the beginning of the track.I remade the beginning of the track and the house. I made it out of glass because glass doesn't burn. I was also able to stop the lava from burning anything else.
  • Rolling Roller-coasters
    • I put it up and down mountains. I put more drops in the roller-coaster.I made it go up, down, and side to side. I brought it up a tree and I am planning to bring it back to the house.
  • Rolling Roller-coasters
    • I am doing really well. I built the roller-coaster to drop into the ground, go through tunnels and lots more. Even though I wasn't able to find out how to make it day, I found other solutions like putting a bed. I put house beside the track and started using night vision potions. I am planning to make it look like I am going to put it in the water but I really am not.
  • Rolling Roller-coasters
    • It was the only roller coaster I ever built on macs.I had hard fun because I rarely use macs and I've never built a roller-coaster on macs before. I only built a roller-coaster once on my I-pad which is a lot easier. I am not really good at using macs but I learned a lot of stuff like how to copy and paste how to crouch and lots more.

Top Reflections:

  • "One way I/we connected/collaborated with others was...
    • Jonathan and I helped each other out with our problems.I learned how to copy and paste for our reflection.
  • I chose this because even though Jonathan wasn't in my group we still talked and tried to help solve each others problems for example I didn't know how to get into a mine cart and he told me the shift bar and I helped him spell words he didn't know how to spell.
  • Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...
    • I completed 5 levels.I got the hang of sploder and understood the game.I really struggled to beat 5 levels.I was able to be befriended by Alex and I was able to friend Alex.
  • Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...
    • I did my presentation.My roller-coaster is a lot longer.I got my roller-coaster over the mountain and dropped down the mountain.I am amazing at using the Elytra. We got Jonathon into my world and found him.
  • This was my favorite reflection because...
    • This is when me and Jonathan got to start working on the roller-coaster together.We worked on getting the tracks out of the cave and let it go up a small mountain.We made it look like it was going to crash into a block but then it would go down.

Top Critiques:

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