Redstone Gadgets Project

by: Qrg1

"Final" Project

"Final" Project Reflection

I learned...
How to use redstone in a way more advanced way. At first i barley knew anything about redstone but now I know a lot more. Redstone is almost like coding something. It almost has some of the same format as coding so it can help get better at other types of coding where you can actually make money off of. Redstone is fun also, you can build some amazing stuff with it, it has endless possibilities. I can even buy a mod pack which gives me even more things to use with redstone. Overall i think it was great project to do.

Steps & Tips

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • Some difficulties i had were me not knowing how to build something at all so i had to get a little advice from youtube. I even found out about something that i didn't even know existed.


  • I mainly used youtube for advice but one time i used the redstone book.