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Top Projects:

  • Gleep Glop Comics Project Page bhb1 rvs1
    • This quarter differed from last quarter a lot. Last quarter we were doing it as just comic strips for practice then we moved on to little 2 page comics. But this quarter we really tried to make a bigger comics. We got good markers to color with so the comics could be more finely colored. Also we made sure that the plot of the story made more sense. I feel like that this quarter we made a big improvement from before. We are still working on doing another comic. But we want to leave more room on the page this time for the dialogue.
  • Gleep Glop Comics Project Page bhb1 rvs1
    • We originally were thinking of just doing comic strips. But then we realized that we could do more with it. So after focusing on drawing we wrote a plot and then decided to draw a comic book. We leaned towards food getting terrorized by humans so thats how we got to our fast food fiasco series. In this series the food get eaten by humans without knowing what happened. After our first food comic Brayden did a little comic on human evolution which was really cool. It didn't turn out as good as the other ones because he rushed it.
  • Ethnic Foods
    • This project was about the three of us each having roles in researching, editing, blogging, and cooking the food. We looked for ethnic foods that are easy enough to cook in class. Brayden made one at home then he came here and we edited it. Then I made one at home but haven't brought it in yet. There were lots of things we learned like how to organize things better. We organized things by deciding who brings things in and things like that. Also we learned the history of different foods and how to cook them. We learned this by researching and figuring it out. Some things were really fun like cooking the food we kind of messed up in the one at school but it was still fun. It was fun since we worked together to make something cool. Some difficult challenges was finding all the supplies we needed and bringing it in but other than that it was fine.

Top Reflections:

  • "Something that got in the way of our learning was drawing everything and coloring it good enough. Sometimes we drew things to small and the marker was to thick. Since we drew to small we colored outside of the line and it made it look sloppy. So we think we should get a finer tipped marker to color with. We are planning on getting that to make the comics look better. When we get that the quality of our comics will look better than ever."
    • I chose this reflection because drawing was a difficulty because of how we had to color. Also we needed a better way to draw thinner lines. So we decided that we needed to buy thinner markers. Im going to buy the markers probably sharpies and then bring them here. Its a could thing we know who is going to get the markers because that means we have better communication of supplies than last quarter with the food.
  • "Something that I could have improved on is our communication for our supplies. I think that our production of videos could be a lot better. We have had 12 classes but have only made 1 video. We finished editing and posting on our blog. We post on the blog every class also we research the history for each item. Next week we will bring in all of our supplies and make a new video. Our new goal is that we will do a video every week or in a week in and a half."
    • I chose this reflection because this was when we decided to really start working really hard. Since that point we managed to get another video up in a week and another one on the way the following week. We made sure our production of videos would be better also the communication of our supplies. But the video we made Brayden did at home and the one on the way is the one I made at home. So we still haven't really done anything at school except for the researching everything, editing it, then cooking the first project here. But we still finally got our things together and started really working that is why I like this reflection.

Top Critiques:

  • "Yoga seems like a really cool hobby but I want to know how you could expand your project after you master the certain moves of yoga you know. I suggest that you could
    teach someone else your skills that you know."
    • It shows them what they need to expand on and also I give them a suggestion for helping to expand what they know for future use.
  • " I think that the calligraphy is something cool to learn. But can you write a story with it. If not that might be something good to try and do."
    • It helps the person that I'm commenting on to know what they need to work on. Also it tells them how I feel about doing calligraphy but also how to improve their project.

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