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Rtt1's skitch
My best and favorite project was when I went on cool math and play a santa kicker game and I took some really clear screen shots with this program called skitch and you can write captions and point to where you start and all that kind of stuff it is a cystal clear screen shot and that was my favorite project so far I also learned how to download programs on the computer.
    • Beacause it was fun and I enjoyed
    • Project 1 Rtt1's skitch
    • I chose to highlight this because it was the most fun I have had with a project.
  • I made a work out video and i linked it at the bottom of the page. I made this because i really like fitness and i like to make videos so i put them both together and it could also help people with their fitness

Top Reflections:

    • "Today I learned how to play kick santa game. I also learned how to use skitch but I ran out of time today. I also learned that I work GREAT by myself.
    • I chose this because it went along with my favorite project and it was my best work.
    • Today I worked on a workout video
    • I chose this because I had a lot of fun
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