RTB1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Lego Stop Motion
    • Because it is my first project ever in Thinkering. It is also a really fun project. And it is cool to see other stop-motions while working with our own. We have started a youtube channel for our stop-motion too.
  • Megapolis Game
    • Because it is a really fun project where we get to build our own cities and work together to make the cities even bigger. We redoing challenges with this game and are trying to become a large empire of cities. The challenging part is that sometimes, you run out of resources and can't build stuff. Also, it cost money to build stuff. Energy and water is another concern because you can run out of that and will have to build energy buildings. Over all, this project is really fun and I hope we can reach al of our goals.
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  • 3D Print Project Page

    • I picked this project so I could have a model for invention convention but then after invention convention, I decided to keep doing 3D Printing.This is really fun because I get to design models of different things like houses.

Top Reflections:

  • Today I/we had "hard fun" when ...
    I started a new design for 3D printing.
    • I picked this reflection because it marked the start of a new project where I am making a town with Jonathan.
  • I ask Mr. Whitmer to help me print my ski model. I have an idea to print one at a time because the first prototype didn't turn out as I expected.

    • I chose this reflection because
  • Today I/we improved* my/our original plan/design by ...

recreating our original stop-motion because we got new equipment (army men).
We tried to make part of the vide on Jonathan's iPad but we had problems with the sound
so we're going back to making it on my tablet. We improved the army men base for the video we are making
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    • Because we had a lot of fun with this stop-motion that we made. We may have had to restart it multiple times but I think that was fun. It was a little bit annoying but fun at the same time. We already finished this stop-motion and put it on youtube.
  • I learned...
    How to start a city and help build a state.

    • I choose this reflection because it is the first reflection I had for Megapolis. It also shows that I just started learning how to build a city. Or, at least start a foundation for my city. It also shows that we are working on making a strong state full of cities. A big challenge we will do is working on our state capital.
Top Critiques:
  • I think that your project is really cool but I am just wondering are you going to make a website or something else like that?

    • I choose this critique because I might do coding in the future as a project. It also shows a question I had. If I do coding it probably won't be as complex so he's definitely better at coding then me. I really could't write anymore advice because their wasn't much wrong with it.

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