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  • Queens of the Kitchen
    • To start off, I have always loved cooking! Our project is, Grace Kauffman and I make TV episodes called Queens Of The Kitchen. We like to create healthy food and make it taste great. The link shown above is our first episode and our links to the recipes. Also, on that page we have listed all the other foods for the next episodes. It was great that Grace and I our partners because we both love cooking. We both also suggest healthy eating throughout your life. We love to show our classmates and any other person that food tastes better when it's healthy! In conclusion, we like to cook healthy food and inform others about eating healthy!
  • Project 2 (delete this and replace with project name)
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  • Project 3 (delete this and replace with project name)
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Top Reflections:

  • "We got further than we had planned because...
    We taped the whole episode in one day and we thought we were not going to be able to finish. In the video we tasted everything and it was amazing! We got further then we planned also because, we were really focused and got everything on time
    • It is a good reflection because it tells that we FINISHED the episode. Also, it has a lot of detail about how everything was yummy! That's a big part to tell because our goal was to have everything taste good. Another reason this is a good reflection is because I explained our feeling in the time being, we were focused. It is extra good because we finished our project and we are on to the next video!

Top Critiques:

  • "I really like how your presentation was hands on and we could do it. It was pretty hard, without you we would not of passed in time! A little tip for you would be.. next time don't tell us anything and let us figure it out! Other than that it was really fun!!"
    • I chose this critique because it has tons of detail! For example it states, I loved how it was a hands on presentation. Also I said how without you we would of not passed. I also said in a very nice way, that a tip would have been to not tell us the answers. It's okay if we don't pass we just want theexperience!

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