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  • rsl4 NXT mindstorms project page
    • For the last 3 quarters of this year I have been working with lego nxt mindstorms. But for this last quarter I have been only working on a maze bot it has been realy chalanging. Im learning a lot of new code like the dice block and the compare block. but the biggest thing I am struggleing with is the correct turn. I want it to turn 90 degress but I cant get it to turn that perfectly. so ounce I get that down im going to solve my maze. Also this is my last day so I need I get to work.
  • rsl4 NXT mindstorms project page
    • im working alone and competing agenst William and charlie to see who has build the best robot that matches the topic for ball launch i got 2nd and charlie got first so William got last. right now we are making a tricycle so far i know im getting last. we need are robot to carry a ball and mine only has two wheels on it. i dont even have to motors on and we got one more week to work on are robot you need a good desine from the start. Every time after a competition we then have to decide what are next competition is.
  • rsl4 NXT mindstorms project page
    • For this project I decided to work alone and I made the right choice. My project would be beater for me to work alone because I can problem solve on my own and not have a partner wanting to try what they think will work and have to waist time arguing with them. So far with this project I would build my tracks on a wooden board and then I ran out of space and I tried to use the wall and I am trying to make a wall jump from the wall on to the board so far on my first try it failed so I moved to board closer and then the marble bounced off the board on to the ground so I kept trying and trying and one time it worked.
  • rsl4 NXT mindstorms project page
    • I desided to work alone. i felt like partners have been dragging me down. with lego NXT mindstorm you create a lot of things new and different like a car/ mini rover and thats what I'm making MINI ROVER i just am now coding it. it is hard to code most likely because this in my first time coding. i just need to find the hand of it i thing once you get it it will be easier. Or thats what i want to happen.
  • rsl4 Game and app Reviewing Proposal
    • for this project i will work on a blog to write reviews on apps and games i will test the app for some of Tuesday and then write rest of the week. this would have bean my 3rd weak but I'm doing this and i am asking friends about 2 questions every blog post. every weak i try a different app for that weak and so far most of them people know about.
  • Rsl4 Sketchup project 1
    • i am work by my self on this awesome project where i get to make super cool objects on google sketchup. i get to make what ever i want but then my favorite object i will 3D print. this project is not super easy lots of tools i tried messing around with it and all i made was something that i could not even name it because it was so random and i didn't know how to save yet. it would have been cool but i could not save. and not to object I'm going to 3D print
  • Project 1: Car Building
    • Me and Daniel D are working on a awesome project called Car Building and for this project we build cars. We have two cars one of them we are still working on and one of them is finished. The one finished is called Frankenstein (Daniel named it) and are 2nd car is called Chickenman (I named it). So far only Frankenstein and it works well could be beater. And with Chickenman we are still building it because we are having some problems with the moder. We play to get Chickenman done in about 2 weeks to 5 weeks and thats a long time. We are trying to fix all are problems with the modern so Chickenman will work.

Top Reflections:

  • My Robot...
    • What my robot has been doing is entering the maze. But then either turn around and go out. Or my robot would just stop. Or it would just stop when it saw a wall. Now im trying to fix all those problems.
      • This is when I first got my robot in to the maze and that was the start.
  • what i coded...
    • i coded my robot to do some things that it hasn't done yet. i was playing with the code all thinkering today. Trying to make a code to launch when i press a button. But the code ive been creating are to complex. so tryed to make one simple code and it worked.
      • This is when I started to learn how to use the dise block and the compare block.
  • what happened...
    • the week the robot olympics was intence. i quickly made a robot that got me second. my other rodot failed. my new one barly worked but it got me second. i had high hopes and i dident get last
  • what happened...
    • the week the robot olympics was intence. i quickly made a robot that got me second. my other rodot failed. my new one barly worked but it got me second. i had high hopes and i dident get last
  • this week I...
    • I tried to make my wall jump. my wall jump was very hard to make. I have to have to board a perfect amount away from to wall. to close hit to board and bounce off. to far miss. the wall is also to high up far me to reach so I have to stand on a chair and it gets in the way.

  • I thing this week had a huge improvement i got organizing to NXT kit done and i also get to building my first project. for my first project i making a mini rover. because i am now done with the mini rover i am going to make a 5-button control. then i will need to code not very exited. Wist me luck.
    • I'm done with object 1. order on 2. done with 2. order on 3. done with 3.
      1 type what i did
  • tried tinker cad. don't like tinker cad. very slow. did not print. working on it.
    1 type what i did
    • i think that I'm on task. i think that I'm going great with this project. i think that I'm ready to 3D print. i think i am going to 3D print my project. since i got my STL file extension i can print.

  • our car is well. we just need to hook up the power source. our car is almost done. are car need about 1 or 2 weeks. i fixed the wheels.

  • That week we tried super hard and we took ricks for are car.
    • We are working hard. i found a
      new power source. the car
      moves with out us. we hot glued
      one wire in. we almost broke
      are project. we are starting to
      work on car 2 aka Chickenman.

  • that week was a life saver because we found a new power source.
    • Are car is still not moving without
      use holding it. so we are making
      a battery holded. it is going to
      hold the battery. so the car will
      move without use holding it. and
      the car will move when we are

  • that week i tried super hard but still could not get the car to move.

Top Critiques:

  • you should try to get the wheels to move and not drag
  • try to get the wheels to move and not drag so your robot would move a lot quicker then it is now.
  • in your project I would like to see your final project but you need to add more moving parts I think.
  • exit you movie to make i video full screen and now 1/3 of the screen
  • Edit the house to make it a bit cooler.
  • i think when you show the video when you talk don't speed up the video.

    • it was about cran art and i needed to think for a Critiques because it was great

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