RRM2'S Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 4:rrm2 Basketball work page
  • This project was a lot of fun. As a group we got to be a lot outdoors and indoors. We also learned a lot more about editing. This will help us all in the future and will also help us today. I've learned a lot on how to get songs onto your imovie project. First you search up for the lyrics on youtube. Then you embed the video and place into a mp3 converter, next you download the audio and drag it onto your iMovie from the finder app. This helped get rid of all the background noise of our video.

  • Project 3:rrm2 Iphone gaming work page
  • I think that I learned a lot this quarter about recording videos and how i am supposed to behave while i am recording. You always have to have a good sense of humor when you are recording and you always have to have a loud and clear voice. I learned this because when I made my first video I had a noisy background and I was quiet so when I listened to it after you couldn't even hear me. I've also noticed that when your recording it sounds better with some background music so from now on i'm adding music to the background.
  • Project 2:rrm2 Iphone gaming work page
    • What you felt/experienced.
    • I experienced creating a youtube channel and editing videos. I learned how to screencast my phone and upload it on youtube. I first have to plug in a charger and plug it in my phone. Then I click record on the computer and it starts recording. I then start commentating and talking about what i'm going to do. It's a great experience learning how to do this. What you learned about yourself: I learned that I'm pretty good at commentating games and sports. I've always watched sports and talked about them in my head. I enjoy talking about sports and love to play them.

    • Project 1:rrm2 Gaming page

    • I chose this project because I love basketball. I Play it,I watch it, I enjoy it. I also love every year the NBA basketball video game. This year I thought it would be cool do save videos from my playing and edit them and share them. I also really wanted to learn more about computers and settings and stuff. I was always inspired to learn more about computers and learn more about XBOX. At home I play and save my videos by after making a highlight play I save it onto my XBOX then go on my computer and save it and put it on a flash drive. Iv'e learned about a lot of editing sites and effects on my videos. I love this project and I love Basketball.

Top Reflections:

  • Reflection 4: Next Time we would ...Start editing and record a little more. We will then add them onto the youtube channel. After today we will decide if we will try in academic lab to go outside near the basketball hoops.
  • Type 2: what you were thinking.

  • I chose this reflection because on this project day we took a big step in the right direction. We also started our new project right. Together we completed our first video and then almost finished recording another video. Lance, Cole, and I did very well on this project all together we all balanced the work out together too. For this day we enjoyed the most because of the work production and participation.

  • Reflection 3: I/We think... I think that I did well today, I started a new series on my channel.I also think that I did well recording today because i was in a quiet calm area and no one interrupted me.The reason I think this is because I spoke very well during recording. From now on I plan to do the same as I did today.
  • I chose this reflection because I took time on it and it was a great day for recording because the noise level was super low. I planned the video perfectly and also I had a very good audio during the video I created this day. This was the first day I was starting a new series and it was a huge confidence booster for me in creating more videos like this. It was just a good day because of the progress and the amount of videos recorded. It was a great reflection.
  • Reflection 2: One way I/we connected/collaborated with others was ...
  • We wanted to do the same project as Alec and Brennen so we got advice from them. They also gave us some tips when we are speaking into the mic. They let us borrow their mic so we can record. We gave them some editing tips too. Now we both are better at doing our project.
    Type 2:
    What strategies you used and how they worked
    • I highlighted this reflection because this day really helped me get started on this new project. Alec and Brennen helped me learn how to record and screencast. This was a perfect fit with the prompt though because we really did collaborate and connect this day. It was a great day to start a new project and it was a great start for me.
    Reflection1:What helped your learning?
  • I used a website called screen cast-o-matic which Mr. Whitmer showed me. It recorded my videos on Xbox smartglass and then I could save them. After that I edited my video and posted it on YouTube. I took the embed code and put it on the wiki. Mr. Whitmer helped my learning by showing me these sites and teaching me how to use them. I learned a lot.
    • I Highlighted this reflection because I learned a lot this day. It fit perfectly with my prompt and I really learned a lot. I also got really far this day, I learned how to use a site that recorded my screen so I could save my videos. In fact I uploaded my first video this day. I also learned how to edit using movie maker. This site was really easy to use and helped me finish quick. I made a lot of progress this day and learned plenty of things this day.

Top Critiques:

  • Critique 4:Are you thinking about doing any other type of projects that involve slime?
  • I chose this critique because Hannah was using slime in one of her projects and it was a success. I thought if she tries it again it will be another success. Also, it is a unique idea too. She also was struggling on project ideas so I thought it would help. Slime is also very fun to use.

Critique 3:Are you thinking about trying to use a different website?
  • I chose this critique because hannah was only using one site, pintrest, so I asked her if she was going to try a new site. She did and she enjoyed it a lot. I really helped her out on this one. When she was able to use the improvements it made her project a lot more clear and a lot better then it used to be. I was really proud of myself because i was able to give solid advice and help a friend out. It was such an accomplishment helping out this one.

  • Critique 2:Or try to start playing on the Xbox or play station.
  • I chose this critique because Alec was doing a gaming project and kind of ran out of phone games to play. So, I suggested for him to play on the Xbox or Playstation. That way theres a bunch of different games that he can play and upload.
    Critique 2: Are you thinking about doing any Halloween decorations or ideas in your next project?

    • I chose this critique because it was a day before Halloween and they were thinking of doing fall art. I thought it would be cool if they made some kind of Halloween decoration for their next project. Especially since every one so excited I thought it would fit the season well. Halloween arts and crafts would be really cool too if they would carve a pumpkin or something like that.

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