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Top Projects:

In this project, Paris and I continued on our minecraft mansion, except now we are adding redstone to our building. We made redstone doors, redstone lights and more! This project has been a lot of fun for the both of us because we basically get to do whatever we want to do with our house including decoration and innovation. With this project

  • Minecraft Mansion(Minecraft Mansion)
    • ll of design and collaboration. We made the mansion by using a floor plan we found off of google. We linked the floorpans we used. This project was one of our favorites because it was very difficult but also very fun. We can decorate the rooms in our mansion however we please. We haven't finished our project yet, we still have to fix the lighting and decorate the rooms, but we think we will finish soon because we are almost done with the roof and our flooring. We still have to do the lighting, but this project has just been very fun overall and very educational.
  • Minecraft Mansion (Minecraft Mansion)
    • In this project, we are taking our time at building a giant mansion out of dark oak wood in minecraft. So far, as of 1-28-16 we have been working on this project for about four weeks. We were going to do two separate mansions, one dark oak and one birch house. I did the dark oak and and Paris did the Birch. Hers did not turn out how we wanted it to, so we decided to stay using my design. I mainly did the house while paris did the garden and interior. I also did the roof which was much larger then we thought it would be. It still looked nice in the end. I liked the way our house turned out. Right now we are working on the interior and carpeting. So far this has been a really fun project.
  • Marsh Mallow Baking Bonanza
    • In this project we used vanilla frosting, red and yellow food dye marshmallows and candy corn. The marshmallows were more like cake pops than regular marshmallows. They were supposed to look like candy corn with a single candy corn on top, but it ended up looking like a demented marshmallow monster! At first we attempted to use knifes to first them, but then we gave up and piped the frosting through plastic bags. With the knifes it was super messy and it looked terrible. But then the next day with the piping it turned out pretty decent, we had no frosting tips but instead we just cut a hole in the top and squeezed it out. In the end it was a pretty fun project! We also got to eat the extra candy corn and marshmallow pops!
  • Minecraft Madness/Minecraft Detroit (Rpj2 & Pwa2 Minecraft)
    • We choose to do this project(s) because we both like to build in creative we build Detroit first with cobblestone. also we built houses, people, and "subways". My house looked like a Mickey Mouse head and it was very detailed, with a garden, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and an entrance room. and paris's house looked like a real apartment, it had a bedroom, bathroom, garden, and mini tree house. We also built a GIANT tree house (well I did) and i made it look like a gigantic tree. We also built a "Death Train" in which we use if someone breaks our rules

  • Silly Putty (Silly Putty Project)
    • In this project, we made "Silly Putty". this project was quite easy. We used Borax, half a bottle of school glue, water and food coloring. We started out by pouring the glue into a cup, then we added food coloring, mine was supposed to be purple, but it ended up being green instead. Paris made a peach color and I Made green. After that we put in the borax (a bit too much though) We stirred. We were kind of stupid and forgot water. but then we got some from the fountain. When we were done, we took the goop out and it was really chunky. But all in all we had a great time!
  • Stop Motion(Stop Motion Proposal)
    • In this project, I made a Google stop motion video. It is short and boring, and may seem like it did not take a while, but it actually took about 6 class periods to make! it was 125 photos long, but in the end it was only about 33 seconds long. As i was making this, I learned new things about stop motion, iPads, and how to imbed videos to youtube. Below i will embed the video to this page.

Top Reflections:

  • "This week I/we had a breakthrough when ..."
    • One example of a breakthrough we had was when me and Paris finished the bottom floor and decorated most of the rooms a little more. We think this was a breakthrough because this is a good checkpoint for our project and I think we will soon reach the finish line.
  • "I want to learn... How to work with redstone in minecraft. Example: How to build special doors and roller coasters. I started to build a small roller coaster then I went on to decorate it."
    • I chose this one because we have been working on a minecraft project in our class. We have been planning on making a mansion fully in survival mode, but we decided to not do that. So paris and i split and started working on separate projects. I am now currently doing minecraft with brayden and paris is working on a project on native americans. Right now Brayden and I are building roller coasters with redstone and rails. He is attempting to build a endless coaster and I am building a kiddy coaster with rainbow glass.
  • "What if we did not have cheats on and could not teleport to each other if were in danger?"
    • I liked this one because if we were in trouble and died we would lose everything, and would be horrid because we dont know how far away we are from spawn
  • "if we did not have creative, how could we get back to our stuff if we die?"
    • I liked this one because it is similar to the first one and that one really sticks to me.
  • if one of us forgot the items for our rice krispies how would we make the treats?
    • i chose this one because we both needed each other in order to make our Rice Krispies. Without one of us we could not make the Rice Krispies at all! Paris brought in the cereal, and marshmallows. I brought in a cookie pan, a pan, butter and sprinkles. Without Rice Krispies cereal and marshmallows it would just be butter in a pan. And without butter a pan and a cookie pan... It would be a sticky gooey mess! In conclusion one of us needs the other in order to make the Rice Krispies.

Top Critiques:

  • "I think if your marshmallow pops didn't work out to well, I think you should try to make them again and maybe change something and see what that does to the marshmallow pops." Critique By CJE3
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