RPF1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

Basketballer- Basketball Tutorials
  • My partner and I choose to highlight this project because this was our first project. In this project my partner and I made tutorial videos about the fundamentals of basketball. We also learned how to upload videos on to a blog, because we posted the tutorial videos on blog. This project was the first of the year and a great way to start off Thinkering Studio.

LRSportsBlog- SportsBlog

  • I choose to highlight this project because my partner and I both agree that this is our biggest and best project. For this project Liam and I post and talk about trending stories about sports on our blog. We also post lots of different scores from around the sports world. We both agree that this the best project of the year.

Footballers- Football Tutorials

  • I choose to highlight this project because I this was the better of the two tutorial project we did. In this project we started by making tutorials about the basics of football(like the basketballers project). But quickly turned into studing and making football formations. We studied Oregon's offense a lot during this project. It was really cool to see how all the different formations worked.

Top Reflections

  • " Today we got all of the video segments done. Next class we will maybe flim a trick shot video. We feel that our videos are very good."
I choose this reflection because I wanted to show that I usually exceed my exceptions. Also this relflection shows what I'm can do every class, and if my partner and I worked like this every class we could a lot of quailtiy work before the year ends.

  • "Today we had a meeting with our co-workers and we also posted about the heats 16 game win streak and our predicted top 5 in college basketball."
I choose this reflection because it shows that we get a lot done in class. It also shows that we post a variety of different sports stories on our blog.

  • "Today I learned a lot about the pistol formation. I watched a 600 play powerpoint on how the pistol works. I also broke down some plays."
I choose this reflection to highlight this project because it shows we did in class during the Footballers project. It also shows that we are very productivy we don't fool around.

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