ROR1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 3 3D Printing
    • We chose this because it would be fun and we would learn how to 3D print.
  • Project 2 Kerbal Space
    • We chose this because we thought it would be fun to get to the Mun(moon). We are close to the Mun(moon) but we can't land on it. We are developing a jet too so both of us have our own part. Now we are going to make realistic rockets and explore the Mun.
  • Project 1 Dog Vison
    • I chose this project because it is our first project. Also it will help people to know how dogs really see. I think it may help people treat dogs better. It is a really fun project and we have come across a lot of problems.

Top Reflections:

  • "Found a few apps that has a lot of different types. We think we could use this app to make a series.The app has dog, cat, bee, snake, bird, shark, baby and horse vision. We did a lot of good research for a app and found a good on that I will get. Also we might find a way to get VR."
    • I like this reflection because we found a new project by extending our current one.
  • "Copy and Paste your favorite reflection"
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
"I think
We might take some more time because we have to edit pics 1 by 1.
We also think we can shorten work time needed by doing every 5th photo
This will help us a lot because it can help us get back to our old project faster''
  • I think this is a good reflection because it shows that we may have solved our 2 biggest problems. Also if we do what the refection says we can get back to our main project. If we finish this project soon we could finish our main project too.

Top Critiques:

  • "How you tried each of you making your own recipe for the battle and the judges don't know which is yours or someone else."
    • I think this is a good critique because it gives them new ideas for their baking battles. Also it could be more interesting for people when they watch it to do that.

All Projects: