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Top Projects:

  • FoooooooD!
    • While working on this project, we cooked many food items with improvised and brought in supplies. Our cooking skills were increased greatly because of the time we spent mastering techniques of cooking, and this will help us in the future. We did not have much expertise when going into this project, but came out with priceless experience. In college this will help greatly.
  • "Favorite" Reflection:
    • This is a favorite reflection because of the improvisation it shows. We had to create a product out of almost nothing, with almost no supplies. This reflection showed what we planned to do, what we did, and how we did it.
Today we are going to try and extreme challenge. We are going to improvise to create a little pan for our burner with a Fanta can. We will use scissors to cut the can in half, and will then clean it and put it on the burner. We want to discover how well the eggs we have in the fridge will cook. We still need to work out the kinks.
Our eggs were a success! We made a couple of batches, and put them on a bagel I had. We used silverware from the cafeteria, and a spoon from Ms. Weage. We had trouble holding the can on the burner, but that was about all the trouble we had. It burned us a couple of times. We were glad that we were able to have some product created today, though.

  • xXDeconstructing ThingsXx
    • This project is based on taking apart different technological devices to learn more about their interiors and what different parts they are composed of. We (Peter and I) took apart both a Compaq desktop PC and a an i-Phone 3GS. We documented our work with both videos and pictures
  • "Favorite" Reflection:
    • This is my favorite relfection because it shows our elaborating process and how we figure out how to solve our problems. It documented our process on one day and showed how much work we put into that day. It also showed my ability to make up work from when I was absent and was not able to be productive whil laying in bed.
First time actually working with Pieter, so I hope I will learn a lot about computers from him. He has had a bit more experience than I have in dealings with computers. We are going to deconstruct the computer, talk about what parts are/do, and try to get as many pictures as we can as we work.

Also, due to my recent absence, I hope to make up for my missed productivity with some of my work I will do today...

Pieter told me he has already taken computers apart in the past. That explained how he has gained more experience than I. We fully deconstructed our computer and understand what almost every part does. We are still confused about the purposes of two "cards" mounted in different areas directly connected to the motherboard. It is an older PC, so it is likely that we did not overlook any labels that might have been on the cards if there were any.

Possibilities right now (one of the cards plugs into a PCI slot, and the other plugs into the DIMM memory slot):
  1. They are both graphics cards, and the modems were either taken out or just never there because this PC had another means of connection to internet
  2. One card is a graphics card, and the other is a modem card
  3. The cards are neither of the above listed, and both the graphics cards and the modem cards have been previously taken out
    • This would mean these unknown cards are most likely one of the following:
      1. TV tuner
      2. Wifi card (if they had these back then)
      3. VGI slot converter card
      4. RAM (unlikely to plug into this slot)
  4. It is another card I don't know about

  • !Launching Things!
    • In this project Jay, Jack and I created multiple catapults which we continually tried to improve. We learned that this project is hard to document, so we discontinued it and went our seperate ways. It also shows our project and progress over time. If we had continued with this project, our next step would have been to create a full-sized tennis ball catapult. This was a great project where we got to work with real materials to build products that actually did something.
  • Favorite Reflection:
    • This is one of my favorite reflections because I achieved my goal for the day, tested our past successes, and then successfully documented what we did that day. This is what we believe should measure a successful day.
Test and record results from tests in a word document

We tested many objects and recorded them in a word document. We still wonder how we could improve our design.


Top Projects:

  • Catapults
    • I was very excited to work with Stevie on this project, because we could launch projectiles. We were testing ideas from other people, and changing some features. There was one idea that I invented, and it turned out to be one of the best. We also created videos, and tried different objects.
  • Parachutes
    • This was another project that I did with Stevie, and we were trying to make parachutes that could hold something and land gently on the gound. Our last parachute worked, and we figured it was because of the bigger chute. I liked this project because we could try to improve, and figure out what was wrong. We did not know how each parachute was going to work until the end.
  • Paper Airplanes
    • I picked this project because it would be fun to test and record information about planes. I also thought that I could be able to see what makes the best type of plane. We were starting to make planes, and just throwing them, but switched to looking up good planes online. We finally finished up with a chart with plane info.

Top Reflections:

  • "We posted our video, and started our next parachute. We were going to start Paper Airplanes, but ended up starting a new big parachute. Our Hypothesis was that the bigger the parachute is, the more drag and air resistance it will get. This allows for more weight to be held in the carrying area."
    • I picked this reflection because it explains key concepts for parachutes. One thing that I left out was the fact that we had trouble keeping the parachute from closing in on itself while falling. We thought that maybe adding more strings would fix this problem.
  • "We got to 1 hour and 5 minutes in the movie. We will finish it next time and start the review. we still have about 25 minutes left."
    • I chose this reflection, because it gave an example of a time when we really had to plan well. If we did not plan, then we would have no way of predicting when we should finish. I also should have put in more about what we could do, or what we could change, to make our work more productive.
  • "We finished filming our video and tried to post it. There was something wrong with Stevie's computer, so we couldn't post it."
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that there is nothing wrong with mistakes, and corrections can be made. The next day we posted the video in another format.

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