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Video Editing
    • This is probably my most difficult project so far, learning how to use Wondershare Filmora fluently. However, with that being said, the long, hard process it'll take to learn will be shortened, due to the near unlimited resources available on the internet, such as Youtube videos (example How To: Use Wondershare Filmora [Video Editor] ). There is also forums, FQA and Q&A pages etc, so as I run into issues I have a lot of support and ease in getting out of them for the most part. This far in the project, I am still learning the software, but I'm also definitely making progress. This far I have edited one video, and it still looks a bit scrappy but I've only been learning for a few weeks now and I don't think I've done poorly whatsoever. One way I could improve myself is time management at home, because I have the software available at home and I could do the tutorials at home, record footage at home, and have the entire day in class to edit the videos. I hope to fully master Wondershare Filmora as soon as possible, and if possible before the 4th quarter I could potentially find myself working on a better and more professional video editor. That being said, mastering it will be no easy task and will surely include a lot of trial and error, which I am planning on working through. And as far as plans for this project go, I intend on soon becoming fluid enough to edit at least one or two videos a week and sooner than later upload them to an audience, e.g Youtube.
Making a Game in Unity
    • This project was nothing more then a new experience. Prior to this, I'd never looked into developing games and knew little about coding. However, with Unity's ease of use, plus peers and online tutorials, I slowly but surely have a grip on the software. That being said, I'm not close to finishing the tutorials even, so there's still plenty to learn. The Unity project I decided to create was a Roll a Ball game. This is a basic game to create, as all that's needed is a ball, a playing field with collectibles, and then a way to win. This, however, is far easier said then done, especially with 0 experience. I came to Unity because of the people that surrounded me, and they have helped me a lot. Josh particularly, who has had a good eye for small errors, and he has helped me on multiple occasions. As far as progress goes, I'm on the seventh Unity tutorial, which yes, is far behind what I had expected. This is because myself and Jaylen, another person doing the same project, had the same exact problem in the same spot, which had us stuck for weeks. When we resolved the issue, which was simply a file naming problem, I began to work more efficiently and got a lot more work done in the last 2 weeks than I had done the entire quarter. I plan on continuing Unity throughout the 3rd quarter, as it is a software I'd like to discover more about and potentially gain fluency in using it.
  • PC Building
    • This project was no easy task, which ended up being a difficult, and very tedious task to complete. We started off with PC's that were completely free, but didn't have HDDs nor did they have GPU's which we provided. But since these PC's were from the early 2000s, we had to work around more than a few issues. PC wouldn't boot, if it did it wouldn't do so continuously and after a lot of annoying work, we decided to fork over some more money for an i5 4590k and an MSI Z87 MPower Max, and I had 4gb of DDR3, much faster than the 2gb of DDR2 we were previously rocking. Karl threw in a case, and before we knew it, we had a fully functional PC with a not so old i5 and a MSI motherboard with 4gb of RAM, all for about $95. We are currently in the process of creating the video for this, which should be completed by the quarters end and will be linked in Friday's reflection. If not the PC mentioned above, another PC-based video will be up.

Top Reflections:

Here are the parts I / We am/are breaking my/our project into, I first of all collect all the footage I need, as well as the materials. For some videos this includes downloading clips (for example highlight reels/tapes of athletes), and for some videos (gaming) it includes just recording my screen as I play the game on my PC. I also collect audio files, music (non-copyright) for example. Then, I import them to Wondershare Filmora and begin to edit, using whatever resources I can as I hit an issue. I export the videos in anywhere from 1080p-4k. The "achievement" I am/we are setting is to have produced 5 videos by the end of the 3rd quarter. As of right now I have 2 completed and am almost nearly complete with my third. This far I've created a gaming video and two compilations of soccer players. These are the videos I prefer to make, but I may branch out and create videos of other styles.

This reflection was good in my opinion for a lot of reasons. I updated it on where I am, I showed what I'm doing and how I'm working, and also how I'm doing just that. I also told what I'd been doing at home and how far I've gotten into my project. I think this reflection was really a reflection, because I reflected on what and how I've been doing and where I am in my project. I also believe these types of reflections give the most insight as to my progress, so it's good for anyone who isn't me to look at where I am, if they are wondering.

We (myself and Jaylen C) want to know why our player won't move despite our player having the same scripts as it shows in the video. It has been very frustrating, and we even copied and pasted the code to find out it was a user coding error, but it wasn't, and our player still cannot be moved via the arrow keys or WASD. I/we keep making the same mistake. This might be because we didn't prep our game correctly to be able to insert code, which is a great possibility. This helped us show resourcefulness. We went through as many data bases and youtube videos as we could find that supposedly helps our issue, but even they proved infeffective. We even used Josh and Dyson, the "experts" of the software, who compared their early codes to our current codes, and didn't notice any issues. Hopefully this is an easily fixable issue.

I chose this reflection because it really summed up my quarter. This issue was a massive one for us, and it kept us at zero progress for about 3 weeks, and little did we know how dumb the actual issue was. We simply had misnamed the file necessary to make our player move. As soon as we had finished this, it was an easy process from there on out. This reflection applied for multiple weeks, about 3-4. This small issue had us all second guessing, I'd even began to make another project in Unity, til Josh obliged to help me and sorted my issue.

"What skills did you use that you already had?
  • I used my previous knowledge and experience in buying a CD key (done at home on Reddit/CDKeySwap for below retail), creating media installation, and although we didn't reach this point, installing the OS. These all helped the process, however the speed of the only available windows machine did not, and although Linux may be optimal for a GT610 GPU with a Core 2 Duo, Windows is highly preferred by our group, and will make driver and software installation much easier, and we feel OS is not a corner to cut.
    I/We were efficient/inefficient... We were inefficient because of the Internet, HDD and overall speed of the computer that we created the media installation on. Matter of fact, class ended 21 minutes ago at the time of typing and it's still not done. We were efficient however in the sense that this part of class did not require either of us to obtain any new skills, making the process faster than expected. Another inefficiency came when the first computer we had booted, downloaded the media creation tool to, and began the process didn't have enough hard drive storage, essentially requiring us to restart. If he hadn't ran into this issue, installation of the OS by the end of class would've been possible. Also, throughout this whole process, we had to insure the PC was running, which it's in a state of half functionality. However, this isn't too inefficient because it was almost a double negative, the long loading times of the OS to USB installation gave us a few minutes here and there. Overall, the class period was inefficient in some ways, but not to an extent that made it useless.
    One way we might solve this problem is if I brought in an older laptop with Windows installed, these problems could not be solved, but closer to getting there
    • I chose this reflection because first of all, it's long. And longer typically means better and more in depth. With that being said, I do not think it was repetitive and I truly went in depth as to what was going on and how it could be changed very easily. I also think I had a direct and straightforward approach. And because of the length of the reflection we ended up actually using my reflection to upgrade that very PC, which left us with the PC mentioned in the project portion above.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this reflection here.

Top Critiques:

  • I feel although your project seems well orchestrated, you still need to document more. You have little to no documentation and I think if you could get a picture of anything, even something as easy as the brownies you made, your project would be alot better.

I think this critique for Izzy can be really helpful, because I told her what she's doing well. I also told her what she's doing poorly, documentation. With what I gave her I feel she'll know two things that will maker her project go further, she should keep up what I mentioned was good and should document more to enhance her project, as I also mentioned.

  • I personally think that if you guys documented your projected in a more clear way (blog, youtube channel etc) your project would be much easier to interpret from someone who wasn't in your groups perspective. Also a blog would help me answer the questions that I had such as: Where'd you get your recipes? Was the food actually good? And perhaps you guys could almost divide and conquer your time. You guys cook at home, so why not learn to use iMovie at school. (She told me nobody in her group knew how to edit).
  • I think that this bit of feedback is good because it was very helpful, or at least I thought so. I explained why I personally couldn't relate to their project, and then described to them how that could be done.

  • I think you could've learned more French for the amount of time that you had to work. I also think that you're documentation wasn't in depth enough. Perhaps you could've listed phrases you learned and videos of you speaking them.
I think I may have been harsh with this comment, but I gave her the impression I'd received. She had no documentation of her French speaking abilities, and I suggested that she should.

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