RJH3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1 Minecraft Bikini Bottom Project
    • I chose this project because for our assignment we had to link our first project and this is it. We did this project in creative because it would have taken longer if we did it in survival mode. We worked on about one structure or building per day, if we got lucky we could get two done per day. Besides from that, I enjoyed working on this project because I like building stuff in Minecraft.

  • Project 2 Minecraft Survival Project
    • I chose this project because it is a very difficult project and I have never done this on a laptop. I am trying to kill the Ender Dragon in survival mode only. Right now I am playing on easy mode because sometimes you can get killed and you lose all of your stuff. This project is really fun and I hope I can do this project some time again.
  • Project 3 Tekkit Classic
    • I chose this project because it is kind of a backup project for me. I haven't done anything on it yet but I will start it later. I feel like I need a project like this because if I ever need a project to do I will continue on this project. I can learn from this because this would be the first time I have used mods in Minecraft.
  • Project 4 Paintball
    • I chose this project to do with Daniel and Drew because paintball is really fun and I like play with them. We had a lot of fun doing this project in the first quarter so were going to continue it in the second quarter. We posted videos once a week on our Youtube channel Triple Threat. We had a lot of success on our Youtube channel and we hope to have more this quarter.

  • Project 5 Marshall and Ricky's Shoe Project
  • I chose to do this project because it will teach me more about negotiations and the business world. I know a lot about shoes so this project is good for me. I also did this project to make money. We are doing this project in the second quarter. We made a tips page for buying/selling/trading. We also made a page for all of the buys sells and trades we have done so far in this project. Me and Marshall look forward to making more money and getting more shoes. Recently we have been not buying many shoes because there have not been any big releases. But the time has come, we will be buying shoes in March, April, and May. We are especially looking forward to the Laser 4 30th Anniversary Edition, releasing March 21st. We will be using eBay to sell our shoes still on this project. We are trying to get double the price that we paid for the shoes.

  • Project 6Race to Champion's League
  • I chose to do this project because I wanted to l;earn more about this game. This project is very challenging and it would mean a lot to me if I complete it. There are very few people who achieve this goal in the world. For a new th9 like me it is very hard to get to champions league. I made it to master at th8, which is also a great accomplishment. Master is the closest thing to champion. We made a tips page for farming and pushing. We have a pushing account, which is level 115, and a farming account which is level 84. We do clan war attacks on both accounts.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today I switched up my project from programming to Minecraft survival. I built a shelter, crafting table and some tools. I learned some new strategies like building a safe shelter. I learn that I have the ability this to play this game well on a laptop. I also learned that I can work without being distracted.

    • I chose this reflection because it is a big change for me and it was the first project I've changed in the middle of doing it. I also worked on not being always distracted in the middle of class. This is a big move for me because I have never done Minecraft on the computer before. I do not know how long this project will take.

  • "Today I finished my screencast o matic and uploaded it to my project page. Me and Merritt were brainstorming for our project."
    • I chose this reflection because I finally learned how to use screen-cast o matic which is really helpful for Minecraft and some other projects in Thinkering Studio. I did so much in that class period in a short amount of time. I gave myself a 4 for achievement and 4 for effort because I have never done anything like screen-cast o matic before.

  • Today I built a mine and I added a little space to my shelter. It will be hard to get some coal and I don't want to use my wood for charcoal. I am going to watch videos on strategies for mining and torches. I learned that charcoal is not a good idea.
    • I chose this reflection because I think I did really well that day. I found diamond on the first class period that I started which I am really proud of. I think this was the best start to a Minecraft project I have ever done before. This reflection is really important to me.

  • What helped your learning? I learned a lot from websites online about tips for buying and selling on eBay. Me and Marshall found out how much we could sell his shoes for. We are going to sell them $400. We made a tips page for eBay on the wiki today.

  • I chose this reflection because it shows an example of me and Marshall learning something new. It shows how far me and Marshall are getting in business knowledge. That day we did a lot of work. We made a tips page to help other people if they want to do this project.

  • Today me and Marshall learned how much we could get for Laser 4s. We could get up to about $800 in profit. We are waiting for the release at Pogo to pick them up.
    How did I/we feel? We felt really good inside because we are going to make so much profit.
  • I chose this because I am very excited to buy these shoes. We are excited because they are very exspensive.

  • Today me and Lucas recorded 5 videos with his mac. We put music into are videos. We had a lot of fun today making videos. We recorded some live videos also. We are going to edit hem on Wednesday.
    One way I/we helped someone else today was ... We helped Marshall today> We told him what league he should be in.
    • I chose this reflection because it shows very good accomplishment and it shows me helping someone. It shows how I had a lot of fun working on this project, which is good because it makes me more motivated to do bigger and better things in the game. 5 videos is very good in 1 hour. that is a video every 12 minutes. This game is very easy to record though because an average montage is only 8:00 long, which we can do in 4 raids (videos).

Top Critiques
  • "When did you start this project? You didn't tell us for what you are trying to accomplish."
    • I chose this critique quote because I felt like I really helped Riley with her project. It might be short but I think it helps a lot. I hope Riley took my advice from my critique quote. She didn't really tell us what she wanted to accomplish and that is why I typed that to her.

  • "You really didn't show me anything. You only said you were building a house and you didn't give me any details. Take some screenshots or record a video to show your project on the wiki."
    • I chose this critique quote because it was long and helpful to Gabe. Gabe saw what I typed to him and he started taking screenshots of his Minecraft project. Gabe still needed to show more details to us for this project because when he said "I am building a house in Minecraft" there is not a lot of detail put into that sentence.
  • I think that everything is good except that you need to add some screenshots and make the castle bigger. it looks like you have the materials to build it.
    • I chose this critique quote because Cameron needed some critiquing for his project and I told him what he needs to have done. He needs more screenshots so that is why I told him that. Cameron has been working on this project for a long time and I know he has the materials to build a bigger castle.
  • Are you still doing the Youtube project? What are you going to do with your photos when you are done with them, besides putting them in tour channel art

  • I chose this critique because I think that asking questions in critiquing is helpful to the other person. I thought I helped the person a lot from this critique. I also told him more ideas that he can do to present more well in his next critique.

  • I would like to know what camera angles you would be using and how you will use the drone during the game? I think you should use more then 1 drone so you can record both sides of the field.
  • I chose this critique because it is very helpful to the person. It helped them find out more ideas about there project and what they can do to improve it.

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