RGC1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

    • This project is my overall favorite because i have gotten pretty far in it. Jp and I have finished 2 remix's and we are working on a new one.I like this project because it is fun to mess around with the music and play around with the effects like Repeat,Fade and more.We used a program called wavepad it worked great! until the free trial was over and i didn't want to spend 50 dollars for the program so i researched more programs and i found mix pad it works great to but it has a free trial too/
  • BMX

    • This project was a alright project but it did not last very long because i couldn't save up the money to buy the bike. When i finished the project i got the bike i wanted but it wasn't the bike i researched in class.it was from a different website not from the one i saw in class.I liked the bike that i got.It was from a company called Verde and the company from the other bike is called house i think.but overall the verde bike was better.

Top Reflections:

  • "I got my bike and i was happy with the bike it was light and it has nice pedal grip ."
    • I chose this Reflection because it was a successful project
    • Another reason is because i got the bike and i was happy with it,
    • The Last reason is i got is that i got the bike i wanted.
  • "We bought the music and Transferred it to MP3"
    • I chose this Reflection because it was a big accomplishment for me
    • Another reason is that it took me a while to buy it and transfer it
    • The last reason i chose this reflection was that we finally finished that remix
  • "We Finished our first remix"
    • This was great new because we worked really hard on this remix
    • It turned out pretty good but not great because we were just testing out the program and we didn't know how to use all the effects and tools in the software.
    • it was our first remix ever so it was a huge accomplishment for me and Jp because it toojk a long time and it was pretty hard.

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