REC1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Rachel C's Minecraft project.
    • After I chose this project I started to get very good at it. Since I have stared I have seen my cousin and we have made worlds together in creative. But i wanted to try survival so that was what the 3rd quarter was about. I have learned how to mine and making food and armor and how to grow things. Right now I am trying to mine gold or diamond.
  • Rachel C's Minecraft project.
    • I chose this project because my cousin is very good at Minecraft and wanted me to try to learn to play it with her. Also, I want to learn to play because I want to teach my grandma to play with me. I think it would be fun to play this game and learn something that my cousins are playing and not slow them down when they play with me.
  • iDevice Photo Editing Project
    • I chose this project because this project has helped me see how to take good pictures on Apple Devices and some good editing apps and also I have found some websites to edit on also. The lists of apps and the list of websites are on the page. This Project has helped me take different types of pictures of kids for the yearbook and how to edit them on my iPad.

Top Reflections:

  • "This week i achieved my goal but i had a limit on time because of the triads. i still learned how to grow things form the website i posted. i also added pictures to the Minecraft page. next week i am going to try to get more arrows and make a shooting post in the sky"
    • this shows in Minecraft that i am ready for a higher form of survival with shooting weapons and the materials to make a post.
  • "Today i learned how to adjust the shutter speed on aT3 camera. This will help me when I am taking pictures in the dark and the aperture settings where in there also which help when I am taking portrait pictures and pictures for sports"
    • This explains the learning part of my learning how to use a T3 canon camera. this also tells me how to use a big camera.
  • "I want to know if next class if i can get a Skitch Account to always have my pictures. i would also like to add more of the pictures of the apps and the other websites. After that i will add more of the pictures i ha taken and shown and typed my improvement, I would have done that today but i got Detracted and"
    • I like this because the this response shows the Ups and downs of my project
  • "My next step will be to add more pictures to the wiki and take pictures at the Halloween party an the Shrek field trip. I could have done better staying focused on what kind of file the pictures where and what I was emailing. I also could have did a better job working hard to post a lot of pictures. I posted and demeaned 5 or 6 pictures today. I want to know if I can Take pictures at the Shrek field trip on Friday."
    • this response shows that i am trying to take pictures outside of class


  • "You had lots of pictures and that was good but i think that you could add an areal view of the house at all angles so people can see the outside of the house. And maybe add more inside pictures but over all it was good"
  • "You could also add your name. You are doing a good job but should add more to the wiki page. Like the website you downloaded Tekkit off of."
  • "I think you need more detail even in your project proposal where you do not describe what you are doing. You also need to be able to tell us what you are doing without your partners help. When you make a page you need to add screen-shots and descriptions in specifics"