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Top Projects:

  • Video game playthroughs
    • The main reason I chose this project to do is because whenever I saw famous people on youtube upload themselves playing video games I always thought it looked like fun and I always wanted to start one up. As soon as I found I could do that for this class I decided I should try it out. What this project showed about me was that it showed what games I like to play. This project also showed my sense of humor.
  • Movie Review Blog
    • This project is a blog that I made where I review movies and sometimes, even videogames. I chose this project because of my love for movies. I have had over 2000 people view my pages. Even though the project ended a while ago, I have still been working on the blog outside of school and making reviews in my free time.
  • Minecraft Rube Goldberg project
    • This project is a chained reaction project I made in Minecarft with Sean B. The main reason I chose to do this project is because I realized I don't know how to use redstone in Minecraft very well. I rememembered the Rube Goldberg project we did in Engage and decided to make one with redstone. I partenered up with Sean B. and made a proposal. After it got approved, we got to work. We have had many troubles and problems making this project, but it has taught me a lot about redstone in minecraft and a lot about teamwork as well.
  • News Channel
    • For this project, I teamed up with Jeff B. and I created a news channel with movie news and video game news. Making the videos were very difficult because I had to make the script, get the camera and get everything set up, film, and then upload. There are only a few videos because the project seemed to fall apart very quickly. The Idea seemed good on paper but towards then end, neither of us seemed to be enthusiastic about anything related to the project.
  • Minecraft Auto Cake Farm
    • In this project, I worked with Max C. to work on a automatic cake farm. This project was started late into my 7th grade year and we barely finished before the year was over. We did a survival minecraft world and found the supplies to make cakes. However, after trail and error (and looking it up) we found out you could not automatically make cakes. You had to make them yourselves.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today I was able to get a lot done! I was able to upload my first video to Youtube. Then I was able to record and upload a second video to Youtube."
    • I chose to paste this one in because I felt proud of myself. I was finally able to start my project that would have many great times to follow.
  • "Today was our first day back after a long break so it took a while to get the hang of things. We were, however able to add a new section to the machine and start on a spectator section. We will most likely get more done next class."
    • I chose this quote because it shows that Sean and I were still able to get our work done after a long break. We were able to add a new section and a spectator area despite it being our first day after break.
  • We were able to figure out our tree leaf burning problem. We replaced the gold blocks with obsidian and we changed the lava to TNT
    • I chose this quote because this was the most difficult problem of our Minecraft rube Goldberg project and it took my partner and I several class periods to figure it out. We had it where the lava would burn away some blocks and reveal a message, but the blocks weren't burning. We tried dirt, wood, and tree leaves, but none of them worked.
  • I was able to get both my goals done. On the first day, I was able to write the movie review. On the second one, I was able to prepare my presentation.
    • I chose this quote because I was able to complete both of the goals I had set for myself that day. Sometimes, I am unable to complete my goals for the day but I was able to work hard and push through to complete my work.

Top Critiques:

  • "I really like what you did and I think you guys worked really hard, but, I'm not exactly sure what you guys main goal with this is. What is the main idea of taking apart the computer? To see how it works? I would also have taken a few more photos of the parts like the ones included in the video. Like I said I think you guys worked very hard on this, it's just that you need to fix a few small things"
  • "So, The idea is interesting, and I think it could be done very well, but I do have some critiques. First off, do you already have an idea for the movie? I would recommend you have an original idea before you start. Are you going to write the script by yourself as well? How long should the movie be? These are a few essential questions that should be answered before you start. Good luck!"

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