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Top Projects:

  • Minibike -
    • This is one of my other projects. This shows me of building my minibike. I had worked on this for about 2 weeks and hour everyday. It was hard in some spots like the brake motor mounts and starting it up. It gets to be really complicated after painting. For painting i used spray paint. I put on enamel to make the paint stick better next i put on the paint. After it dried i added a clear coat of Spray paint so it would not get damaged.
  • Screencasting -
    • This is a current project I'm doing with my partner. We are screen casting the game civilization and edit our videos. We hope to load our video up to youtube soon. It is going to be our first video and we will do many more. we are trying to edit are video but still learning on how to do it.
  • Minibike Kit
    • This was a fun project. It was very hard to do in some aspects. Like the brake drum was hard to put on. It was really engineering to build. It was a lot of fun though. It took me about three days to build. The only problem is that the chain will like to brake.
  • Minibike Kit
    • I have done this project for the whole year. I have just been making videos and I have been putting on upgrades to the bike.

Top Reflections:

What was fun? What did I/we enjoy?
  • to paint. and put on wheels. i had a hard time trying to put the wheels on. i thought it was fun to do when i found out. The hard part was pumping the tire. i had to pump up all the air in the tire.
    • This is one of my first reflections. I added this because i thought i explained everything well. I believed this is a good reflection is the time it died to explain it i tried to add in a new way to explain this. I tried to tell what was actually happening in this. I showed how the boxes came in and how the project was going.
  • We have beat Bremen in game. We are going to record. This week we have been starting recordings. we plan to post in a week. when we start to Edit are video we need to upload are video.
    • this is one of my newer reflection. it explains a little bit more then my last one. it tells what we did and where we are heading. it also leads into the next plane for next week.
  • We had a problem ordering but it still arrived. It is coming in separate boxes. i just got the muffler and next it will be the motor. I plan to start on Friday or Saturday. the first thing I will do is start to paint."
    • It is one of my only reflections. I thought it was good because i explain a lot.
  • I am going to upload a new video. i have got some of it done and i am going to be starting it up. It is on my new muffler not my old one. I hope that it helps people out.
    • This is my newest reflection and i hope that it is very understandable.

Top Critiques:

  • I think you should increase your audio and add in an intro to your video to make it more engaging to your audience.
    • I like this cause it is my newest critique. I actually tried to explain well. I gave information to watch on how to fix or improve there video.
  • i would explain the parts and maybe revise your website. It is very un-organize maybe want to edited it.
    • I told what he needed to fix and brought out ways he could fix it if i was him. he speaks great with his target audience. but he could also speak with his non target audience. you could also explain what every part does.
  • "You need to tell what the deference is between hd and non hd on the phone."
    • It was my first critque. I thought it was pretty good. I liked it for many reasons. I liked the project but it needed a little mor work
  • "I think you should increase your audio and add in an intro to your video to make it more engaging to your audience."
    • This explains them what is needed to be fixed and what can be better for there audience instead of just there stand point.

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