Top Projects:

  • 2016-2017 Lego EV3 Project

    • This quarter i worked with Alec on Lego ev3 and we did tank battles and made gyro boy. I have done pretty good and i haven't got distracted in a while we have been working really hard while trying to program our gyro boy to work. I had lots of fun working on this project because i find robotics fun but i will not be continuing it in high school because of lack of time because it would interfere with football. We actually did pretty well in this project compared to some of our other projects we have done in the past couple years because we did very well in completing this project. We got lots of attention at the maker fair too and lots of people were interested in our project.
  • 2016-2017 Lego EV3 Project
    • This quarter i worked with a lego EV3 kit. I Really only got 2 weeks with this project because i couldn't get my kit until then but once i did get it i went right to work. I choose to do this because of how much fun i had in engage class when we did this. All i had time to do is build a tank yet i still am not quit finished with. I didn't get a video yet but a got a couple pictures of my project that are pretty good. I didn't get that distracted but my project did distract alec and he wanted to come over and help. I believe that i most likely will continue this project because of the limited time i actually had to work on it and the fact that i don't quite have a finished project to video tape yet. I want to try to get a couple different projects up not project.
  • 2016-2017 DIY project
    • This quarter Alec and I did a DIY project I choose to highlight this project because we had some success and we worked pretty hard as well this quarter. What we did was we did DIY project which was pretty successful we got in 3 or 4 projects and videos taped them. we did get distracted a couple time this quarter by other people or things like a guitar or videos on youtube about DIYs. I do not believe that we will end up continuing this project because Alec wants to do guitar and i have a couple ideas as well. So in total while this project wasn't my most successful we still got quite a bit of work done.

  • 2016-2017 IPhone photography
    • This quarter Brennen and I did iPhone photography I choose to highlight this project because we really worked hard and were successful on this project. This quarter what we did was we took photos following a guide line then we talked about what we were doing in the photo an explained how it worked and what not. Towards the end of this quarter we started coming up with our own ideas for taking creative selfies. At some times this quarter we did get distracted by other people but we ended up getting less and less distracted towards the end of this quarter when we started to take more photos it became a little bit more enjoyable or fun. I believe that we will continue this project for maybe one more quarter then we might switch our projects.

  • 2015-2016 Forensics
    • This Project has been a great project for 3/4 of the year but towards the end of this quarter we kind gave upon it because we have gotten bored with it. This quarter we also added in doing some stuff with ted talks and how to prep for doing a ted talk and the best ways to deliver one. I think that next year we will definitely change projects and be in different groups because we get distracted by each other very easily and its just not a good group because of how much we get distracted. We are thinking that we should have been able to be much further but we also shouldn't of gotten distracted as much, one day we spent the entire time playing games. Finally i experienced how easy it is to get off task while still getting work done like Adam, Laurent and I were looking at rocky on rotten tomatoes and we thought of the idea to do a movie review project and that is what our current proposal is going to be on next year.
  • 2015-2016 Forensics
    • I choose this Project Because it was very successful this quarter. This quarter we posted our first videos then also we are now working on recording our second video on the dos and do nots of forensics. We are very proud of how we started to work harder at the end of the quarter so I hope that can continue through to the next quarter if we continue this project but I feel if we do we should add on to the proposal. We think that we should add on like some things about learning youtube as well like how to monetize our videos, that is how you make money of off people watching your videos. Finally we think that we should have a "view" goal or a subscriber goal and like tell other people about our videos that we know and tell them to subscribe.
  • 2015-2016 Forensics
    • I choose to highlight this project because this one was probably one of most successful one I've done this year. Adam, Laurent, and I were working on telling people the do's and do nots forensics. We are now working on our first video on the do's and do nots mainly on sound effects and eye contact. Also our goal was to have one video done and to be working on the second one but we decided to do more judging other videos. Some people may say this means we've failed because we haven't yet finished a video and we had planned on being on our second one but we never planned on judging and commenting on all the videos that we did so it kind of evens out I think and this shows how we can adjust in the middle of the project.
  • 2015-2016 Sim City Build It
    • I choose to highlight this project because not only was it my only project it was very successful and very fun for Adam and I. Some highlights of this project were finally getting to the stage of being able to record which was a lot harder then we thought it would be which made it fun and challenging for us. Also I thought that we were very successful because in one quarter for me to get up to almost 100,000 people I personally think that, that was impressive starting at zero and getting to 100,000. Finally I think that I learned and worked harder on this project then any other project that i have done which made me proud as a learner.
  • 2015-2014 Scratcth
    • Me and Alec are kind of not working in a group but as partners so we ask each other questions and we help each other out when we don't understand something. So I have made lots of remixes and add on to other games which I feel helped me gain more skills on scratch. I also made my own game that's named jump world its where you are a character and have to go through all these objects by just jumping.
  • 2015-2014 Scratch
    • I choose this project because I have seen people do it and it looked really fun. Also i saw That Alec was wanting to do it so I decided to give it a try. Along with I have worked on scratch before but I was not the greatest at it. So then i decided to start at scratch and thought it was actually really fun i thought.
  • 2014-2015 Lego shoe lego shoe
    • I choose this project because i think i worked the best with this project. Probable because I was alone.
      But i still dropped this project because the shoe was just not corroborating with me. It would always get destroyed or smashed
      and now i always want to work with a partner in all of my projects.
  • 2014-2015 Roller Coaster
    • Alec and I first started out slow then we figured it out. But then Pierce joined and we were flying.
      Until we had very few pieces and finally ran out. But Alec and I found hope and then we went down to mr mcloud's room but he was teaching so we gave up.
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Top Reflections:

  • if i/we could redo the week...
    I would probably pick a better project on Wednesday instead of working on it today. This week on Wednesday i didn't do much besides make a robot i would end up not using. Today i was much more successful and started on a robot that would use the gyro sensor. Overall this week was pretty successful.
    • I think that this is my most successful reflection because i admitted that id didn't do to well on Wednesday but i said that i worked a lot harder on Friday thats when i started to work on gyro boy which i would end up doing the rest of the quarter. I talked about how i started off weak but ended on a very high note and did lots of work on friday. And i also didn't get distracted this week which is good because i used to all the time. I ended up doing lots on Friday a lot more then most days.
  • If I/We had an extra day this week ...
    I would probably use that day to take photos and record my robot. I would do that because i didn't get any videos in and i got very few pictures uploaded so the extra day i would use it for documentation. I didn't really get that distracted this week but i distracted Alec with my project and i didn't stop him from helping me which i should of.
    • I think that i chose this reflection because I had to make my own prompt and i thought that it was pretty good. I talked about how i should of done more documentation over the week because i didn't do much over the week. But i did get a lot of my robot done that because i started it and i pretty much finished it that week. i also talked about how i was distracting towards Alec this week which wasn't very good but at least i didn't get distracted by anyone.
  • This week I/we felt successful when...
    We felt successful when we completed our crossbow. We planned on planning but we ended up making a crossbow as well which made us feel successful. I think we have a good idea of what we are going to do next week as well. Next week we hope to make a stress ball and some clear slime.
    • I think that i chose this one because it was a good day for us. this day we finished our crossbow and we already had a plan for the next week and were planning on making the clear slime. These 2 weeks where two of our more success weeks because we got a lot of our projects done and we even got some of our vide editing done. So this was one of my more successful because i could feel successful while writing it.
  • I/We learned...
    This week learned about reflections and we redid our leading lines photos on Wednesday. On Friday we worked on descriptions and coming up with more ideas for photos. This week was pretty successful we got a lot of descriptions done and 3 photos. At one point we got distracted by the edgetopia people at one point though.
    • I find this to be my best reflection because this week was a very successful week because we got a lot done even with the edgetopia people coming by. this week we also started to work on our descriptions which is a big part of our project. Also this week what we did was we got some new photos taken that are now on our page. This is probably our most successful week as well as my best reflection of the quarter. In this reflection i thought that i wrote this very well because i explained what we did and what we were thinking about for the next week.

  • That we have finally have finished our project and next week we will be talking about finishing our projects. I think it is good that we have finished because we started to loose interest in the project that we were working on with forensics. Finally i think that we should have thought about switching a lot sooner because we haven't been on our game lately with being productive.
    • I think that I choose this reflection because this day we got off task a lot but we finished our page and then thought of what to do next. Also this is stating that we haven't been being productive but we still got some work done but not all of it. We still thought that we had time to start a new project but soon we realized that we couldn't start a new project in time to get anything done. We still are currently working on our forensics project because of this day and now we are focusing on the ted talk part. I think that we should have down a lot better this day and we didn't our project was starting to fall apart but we still needed to do our focus on forensics page.

  • I/We think...Think that we are starting to work harder than usual. We think that we are actually working hard and we feel that we now know really how to make a playlist. Also we think that we worked harder today then we have in a while. But we experienced that we work better split up or at least i fell that way. But sadly we still distracted our selves and started of pretty bad but at the finished pretty good. We think that we are catching on to this project and are working harder than we used to.
    • I think i choose this one because we were very successful that say and also it was when i really started to type longer reflections and it was also a type 2 reflection. It showed how we can work harder if we split up which was a very good thing to find out now we know we can be more successful if we split up instead staying in one group. Also this is the start of realizing that we are getting this project and working hard and not nearly getting off task as much as we used too.
  • We don't understand ...
  • How we can't find may bad examples but there are so many good examples. Also we dont get how hard it is to do all of these videos so well. And finally we don't get how good the NFL competition is and the international tournament is not as good so we know to watch NFL.
    • I think that i choose this one because i fell that i really said what i thought and understood that day. Also when i talked about what i thought i fell that that was successful day in my eyes because we finally found like channel that has good videos. Also we should our struggle through how we couldn't find any channels that have bad videos. also we showed how we understood what we were doing and how we were working.
  • "My/Our next step will be... To use adams phone to record now instead of mine. Also we both plan on getting at least 90,000 population by the end the quarter but maybe even 100,000 people. Also another step will be to get our videos up on our page with all of our screen shots. Finally another next step will be to get more screen shots up along with all the videos."
    • I think that I choose this project because we finally could do some videos on Adams phone because his was fixed so we could make more videos and I could get my population up because we weren't doing videos on my phone so I could work harder on population problems. Next I also could put up more screen shots now that we had a couple videos done and we don't need more videos. Finally I choose this one because we worked hard this day and my reflection was well written.
  • I / We want to know...How to make it so when sprite two is clicked that it changes backdrops. Also so the start button is clicked it starts. But what we already know is how to add a second backdrop.
    • I probable choose this one because it was the day where we worked really hard and got a lot of work done in just one class period. Also because this was one of the most productive days towards our impossible quiz.
  • I / We don't understand...Why my bullets shoot up and away from the dragon and the turret as well. Also how Alec's works but my doesn't. Also how to draw a better bullet to shot after we fix it from shooting up.
    • Probable because this day was my best day in productiveness but my project still fails. But on the other hand Alec's is going really good. But we also didn't understood how to draw a better bullet. So this is why this is my best reflection.
    • Because this day was the most productive day because i added a lot on and took lots of photos of the shoe
      also it was destroyed but i learned where to hide it.
    • I belive this was our most productive day because of the instructions and how to attach the tracks.
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Top Critiques:

  • I like your project, but i think you should get other peoples opinions about what you are cooking.
    • I think that this was my top critique because i told him what was good like i like his project. But then told him what he can do to be more successful and what he should do in the near future of his project. I like this because he could really use this to help his project out. He could also use this for his own good and get a bette grade to help him.

  • I like your project, but i think you and Adam M should do a combined song or something, i think that would be cool for a final project.
    • I choose this because i think that this could really help him in the long run because i think that he really liked this because when i told him he was yeah we could actually do something like that. I chose to do this also because i said something nice then i told him my idea and i feel thats a good way for someone to hear stuff because they are also getting a compliment in there to.
  • I think your songs are good just, you don't really have a final project in mind right now so i feel that you should start thinking about that.
    • I think that this is one of my better critiques because i feel that it really might of helped him because he didn't have a final project or a song he was trying to master before the end of the quarter and he even said maybe i should start to think about that. The style that i tried to put in was i was nice and said his stuff was good but then i told him what he needs to do to have a better project. That is how i make most of my critiques now because i feel it is the best way to get through to someone when your trying to critique them on their project in general.
  • I really like your drawing, but i think you should be working towards making your own comic book and come up with your own characters to draw.
    • I think that this is my best critique because i started of saying some thing nice then told him what i think could be better. I also think that this was a good one because he actually took in my idea and he said that he is going to make a comic book now i find that to be a success. Also my critique showed him what he needed t do and what he should do to make his project become better. I also believe he is taking into consideration the making his own characters because what he is doing right now is just doing the videos that he says. Finally i chose this because he seemed to get my critique and see where i was coming from.

  • I think project is cool, but I think in your 1 on 1 video you should put a tutorial before you play.
    • I really like this critique because i told him something nice then i told him what he should do better which i think is a good strategy. I really like his project idea but in one of his videos he didn't have any tutorial it was just them playing a 1 on 1 game. He also said that he didn't like my idea but i still put it on his page just in chase he was in a bad mood that day and realized it was good. Finally i think that i choose this because i just flat out really like his project and wish i thought about it.

  • I know that you have achieved your goal and that is great but, now how can you make another goal that is harder and tougher?
    • I think that i choose this one because it was when i really was asking him about well if you achieved your goal then why are still at this project if you didn't add on to your reflection. Also what i did was i made sure that he got what i was saying in the time so he was thinking about it then if he didn't want critiques when he went back on he saw it again hopefully did make his project harder or tougher like i said in my critique.
    • I choose this one because it was really my best one but I need toward getting better and stronger at giving critiques . Also choose this one because it gives something nice then gives him his critique so they will get interested in reading the critique then he can read the comment and use it maybe it he agrees with me. Finally I choose this one to highlight because i really liked his project so it was hard to come up with something to say but then i realized that it would be hard to share his project.
  • I think what you are doing is good, Just how will you know when you're done? Whats your planet cap? whats your population goal?
    • I choose this one because I feel that it will be the most helpful. I think that his project was good just i realized that he didn't have a population cap or something. Also i feel that i have really made better critiques. Also that i feel that i have gotten stronger in accepting my critiques that makes me better at giving critiques and at thinking about my question before i just say it.

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