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Riley B's Cooking Page
  • This quarter i was able to extend on my project by entering the world of grilling. I find different recipes online and make the item at home. then I put together a wiki page to show my progress and to teach others how to make that recipe. My wikis include an ingredient list and pictures to show how the recipe turned out. I was able to make ribs,chicken, and steak. Each of them also has a recipe for sauce.
Riley B's Cooking Page
  • The goal of the project is to cook,bake,or grill different foods. Each food has to include something new i learned or a new skill that was only acquired during the process of making that recipe. The next step would then be documenting the infermation on the wiki. I post all the pictures i took and then write the recipe. This way if someone would want to make the recipe that could look at my page and get all the details that need.
Riley B's Cooking Page
  • This project is all about making different foods and then creating a page to share how to make recipes. so far i was able to make six different recipes and post a page for each one on the wiki. i really enjoyed making each recipe over the weekend and then being able to eat them when i was done cooking them. I also was able to bring in things for people to try such as my sugar cookies. throughout the project i was able to learn how to make a ton of different recipes that i have always wanted to learn before.
Riley B's Cooking Page
  • The idea of this project is to bake or cook different foods and learn how to make the them. I useually find a recipe online and then make to food listed. sometimes i will even come up with my own. so far what i did was make simple dishes like cookies and i even baked some pumpkin seeds. i am hoping to make some pancakes soon.
FEZ1 and RAB3 cooking show
  • The main idea to this project is to make foods that some people might have trouble with and then to help them make it. We were able to make sushi with the last bit of time we had. the video should be on our cooking show page above. We are hoping to add more videos next year.
STOPmotion RAB
  • This project is still mostly the same as it was before but, this time i used clay. This part of the project is more about using clay to make it look like they come alive through stop motion animation. I use a tripod to hold the i pad while it takes pictures of the clay that i am molding. Then i post the videos to the wiki for the world to see.
STOPmotion RAB
  • This project is all about making objects look like they are moved through animation. Every day i take my phone and take pictures of something that i see. then i animate it. My goal of the project is to master stop motion animation. This means by the end of the project i have learned everything that i need to know to be a professional animator.
Riley's Homestyler Project
  • This project is all about designing a 3-D house. The program that i used is called you have the freedom to add anything you want.What my goal is to do is to finish a full 3 floored house. I am about half way done right now.
Zipline Project
  • This porject is a continuation of the last porject we did. We are working with eBay to buy and sell items to make money. some tips will show up on Riley and Jack's ebay page. we only have one at the moment. We need a total of $350 to get the zip line parts. we also tried different ideas to make money other than ebay. we sold cookies as well. we made $40. Our goal is to finish this year.
Zipline Project
  • This project was made by me and my friend jack. what we are doing is building a zip line in his back yard and collecting data. This is expensive so, we had to try and raise money. We feel that if you are going to do a project that you have to have a big plan. This project is fun and we hope to have fun on the zip line when it is finished.
bottle rocket R and S
  • This project is a bottle rockect project me and my friend wanted to experiment with bottle rockets. I like this project because i have not tried anything like this. I always wanted to see how high and fast a bottle rocket can go. Now i can see how that works. this is what we have so far.
minecraft page RAB3
  • At first i knew nothing about minecraft but, when i started to play i learned a lot of new things. I now know how to craft,hunt, and build. This is fun but, you should only play it a little. My favorite part is building. I love to crate the interior and exterior of buildings. This is a game for me.

Top reflections

  • What breakthrough(s) did you have?
I was able to explore a new iPad app called explain everything. wight is tool i was able to start working a a presentation on how to make italian wedding soup. This new app will help me with future presentations and projects i may have.
    • This reflection was when i found a whole new way to present my project to others. I can use the different pictures i took and different information i gathered and put it together to create a mini presentation. I was also able to record my voice to guide people though the process.
  • I / We want to learn...
    I want to learn how to grill this weekend. It would open up a whole new world of recipes. I would also like to learn how to make ribs. The new skill would be grilling.
    • This was a reflection when i was discovering a whole new way to make food. if i was able to learn this new skill i would be able to grill things such as chicken,beef,vegetables, and much more. this allows my project to continue and have even more opportunities added on to it. there were times in my project were i felt like there was nothing more to make. Now i know i can continue and maybe make a whole new page just for grilling.

  • What breakthrough(s) did you have? I was able to explore a new iPad app called "Explain Everything". with this tool i was able to start working a a presentation on how to make italian wedding soup. This new app will help me with future presentations and projects i may have.
    • This is when i was able to find a tool that would help me with explaining how to make the food i was making. This is also a time where i thought that i couldn't do anything else with my project but then soon found something that would help me continue on. This tool would also help me present any future projects because it offers a drawing tool and a voice over tool so i could clearly point out what i was talking about. This reflection shows that there is always something new to discover.

  • What did you learn about your topic/tool? I learned a lot about
    Not only do you get good recipes but. you also get a tool bar that says how many servings it is . Today i was able to make a cooking page and add the recipe to it. Rileys Cooking Page
    Has my latest recipe for cookies.
    • This reflection is one of my favorite because it is introdceing the tool i use most in my project. it also talks about my new cooking page which i am using to track all of my progress. i also list all the food i make on this page. the website that i listed above is the one i use everyday to find recipes. This website is by far the most useful i have used in thinkering.

  • "Today i played mincraft. i worked on my house and added a lot of cool things to it. i learned how to shave sheep. I also started to make a mini stone house"
    • This is one of my favorite reflections because this was the beginning of minecraft. This is when i started to build my first house. This is why i got into minecraft because of the ability to build. One thing i would want to add i the price. the game is expensive. It is about $6 for pocket edition.

  • "We sold the purse for $11.00. then we took the money to buy other things to re sell like a baseball card. we learnd to read the fine print to make sure we get the right stuff.we hope that the cards will come sooner then march 20th i also learned that i am a lot better at finding ideas for the project then i am typing it out"
    • This is one of my favorite reflections beacuse it explains what are firts purchase was. It clearly explains what we were doing and when we shoud resive are item. This is one of my well done journals. This is what was able to get us money so it is an important entry. In the entry is says how much we
made and when the item will come.

  • "Today was sucsesful. i got the entire movie room done and i started the living room in the basement. I was able to get four rows of seats in the movie room with a big TV. I added two sofas to the living room along with a fireplace. i learned how to use the controls and i waas able to be successful."
    • I think that this is one of my top reflections because it shows how much progress that i have made with in a short period of time. It also has a lot of specific detail about what it is that i completed that day. I also put down what i have learned.

  • Today i added a bathroom and two bedrooms. The upper floor is not yet finished but, it is on its way to completion. some of the complications that i ran in to is how to move all the furniture so it is a lined. looking from the birds i view everything looks good but when i go into the 3d mode everything looks off. i will have to work on that next week.
    • This is not for my current project but, it is talking about the day that i accomplished the most out of that project. i added lots of new things. it also talks about some problems that i ran into. the next day with a little bit of thinking i was able to fix the issues

  • What did you learn that you can apply to future projects?
    'I learned how to make a food that i could make in the future. This prove that i can catch on fast and i am able to make new things fast next year i would want to use my skill of catching on fast to do this project again with even more food.'
    • This was the first time i did a project that could teach me future skills that i know i will need to use.

  • How do you know you learned it?
    'I know i learned because before this class i was noit aware on most projects i had done. i would always start a new project that i had no experience. this would give me a better chance of learning because i had no information on it. when i started the projects i soon was able to learn.'
    • this is one of my favorite reflections because it is a very detailed explanation about what we did this year. if you were to red this you could get a pretty good idea about what i did this year. The reflection also explains my problems and my accomplishments

Top Critique

  • I think that you overall presentation was short but, It seems like you are learning more and more throughout time. Are you planing to sew your projects? Do you think that you will make bigger things? I think that you could expand on what you are doing by simply making your own design instead of following a video.
    • This was a critique were i was able to ask a lot of questions and help someone improve their project. I was able to include information about how they could expand there project as well giving input on what i thought they were doing well. i also liked how this influenced the person i was critiquing considered taking my advice and is going to potentially crate something bigger.

  • I think your project is cool but, is it possible? maybe you should see if there are any tips online that help you accomplish your goal. maybe there will be some tutorials on how to build a castle. this is a picture that i think will be better for you.
    • This critique is one of my better ones because i was able to give links to provide recourses to help this person. I also challenged them by asking if their project was even possible. by giving them tutorial help and providing pictures they were able to use this comment to help them complete the project.

  • I think that you could go far with your project and it looks like you really know how to work with photoshop but, you should use more faliliar people and backgrounds so that if anyone were to look at any work you have done they would be able to identify what it is you did. if you were to put description on your photos it would help viewers understand what the picture is.
    • In this i Critique was trying to explain to nick that he had problems with the way that he presented his project to us. I still am unaware about the main points in his project but i do know he is working with photoshop. I liked the fact i was able to help him understand how he could make his project better. If he took my advice and added captions and made the people more recognizable i would feel like i really helped.

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