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Top Projects:

  • Final Cut Pro Editing
    • I kept doing this project this quarter for many reasons. One reason is that this Is a very expesive editing software that I would not be able to afford for myself. Another reason is that final cut pro has a ton of potential for amazing videos for me to put out on my youtube channel. If you look at the 3 montages I have made you can tell I have gotten better and better each time I have made a montage.

  • Final Cut Pro Editing
    • I picked this project because I really was into editing footage at the time and I was wondering what it would like to use a nicer software like final cut pro. I then watched a couple videos of the basics and took it from there. I also have a editing software at home that is not as nice as final cut pro but it is still good. I had prior knowledge that final cut pro was a really nice editing software because I looked up how much it was. Also other people told me that it was a really amazing editing software and that I should learn how to use it. So thats what I'm doing now.

  • Language Project
    • I picked this project because I am a French Athnisity and I wanted to learn French so I can talk to my relatives. I also knew if I learned French I can maybe get a better job when I am older just because I know I different language. Also when I started this project I knew about the site called duo lingo. It is free but you have to have a google account and sign in with that. I knew prior to this project that duo lingo was a great site to learn languages on and it it a lot of fun.
  • Redstone Gadgets
    • This is my second quarter doing redstone in minecraft. I have built a lot of stuff this quarter and i am very proud of it. I have discovered many new things like command blocks and even something called a observer. I know how to cast spells on the player and many other things.
  • Redstone Gadgets
    • I picked this project because I purely just wanted to get more experience with redstone. I never got that much experience with redstone and i wanted to get more. so i to think of something fun to do that had to do with redstone. So i thought of why not just build stuff. I got inspired by the TNT cannon, i always wanted to make one and never actually made one that works.
  • Minecraft Scale Stadium
    • I never actually finished this project and i left early have way through the quarter so i didn't really do anything. I Didn't really learn anything in that short amount. It was still kinda fun though, doing it with my partner.

Top Reflections:

  • I learned
    that some editing things that I see on youtube take more skill than I thought. Also learning how to do what people do on youtube is very hard because you have to time it perfectly with the beat of the song and in order to get it on beat you have to be very percise. Instead of using a very fast song to make it easier I figured out that if I choose a slower song I could maybe time it way much easier. I am going to finish the edit after break sadly. it will take a long time to edit this also so it might take 2 or 3 classes to edit it.
    • I chose this reflection because it is almost 5 sentences and I said what I learned about learning when I said it is hard to learn about what people do on youtube.

  • I/we learned
    That maybe duo lingo is not good enough for learning a language. maybe I could try and find a different language learning tool because I do the same thing every single day. I only do it on wens days and Fridays so I have to practice the things I already learned a bunch of times and never get to a new category. I also can maybe just skip all the practice that I have done a lot of. Then if do that I can just start to learn new things every class period.
    • I chose this reflection because it is a full 5 sentences and it is what I think is. my best one out of this marking period. I notice in this reflection that I am getting bored of earning with duo lingo and I am maybe thinking of finding a different learning tool. I also realized that I was not learning anything new so that is why maybe I should get a new learning tool. I really liked the way I wrote it too.
  • I discovered...
    That there is always new things in redstone that you may never new about before. I found out that there is a rail road track that senses if you are over it or not. I used a lot in my roller coaster that i made. The roller coaster is a quick way to tour my entire world. It is also a way to use redstone.
    • I chose this Reflection because i made up this prompt and explains what my plan was that day and what i did.
  • I crafted...
    This week I crafted many things. I crafted a redstone elevator that took me one day and a quarter. I also crafted an enchantment room using redstone gadgets the i previously made. In minecraft you do a lot crafting because craft is in the name of the game. I also think that when i use redstone things that is sort of like programming but in a different format.
    • I chose this reflection because I made up the prompt i used and i thought i explained it well with some detail. I said that redstone is just like programming but just in minecraft, which is a very true statement.
  • I/We Imagined...
    That when we finish our scale stadium how amazing its going to look. That is what keeps us going our pride in building our stadium. (also wanting a good grade) but us imagining it is our main pride. I/We have to imagine what ford field look like in real life so we don't have to back and forth looking at ford field picture and also because there is not a picture of every single inch of ford field for us to look at.
    • I chose this reflection because we had to come up with our own prompt. So i then went a tried to write as much as possible about the prompt and i went in pretty good depth. I also referenced the prompt to state why we imagine what we imagine.
  • I/We learned...
    That you have to back up the world every single time you go on the world and build something. It is such a hassle to make a new world and restart what you just built and worked hard on. We almost finished the entrance but we just need to add the paintings and the letters saying "Ford Field". I think me and my partner got a lot done from last class and i think that we are proud of it.
    • I chose this reflection because it was our last reflection in quarter 1 and i thought i did a pretty good job on it. So i thought i might use it because i thought i went pretty in depth of what we did wrong and what we did right. I am proud of this reflection i chose because i thought it was one of my best reflection.

Top Critiques:

  • I really like how your learning thing from playing chess and then the stuff you learn put it on your project page for other people to learn. I think you could maybe record a game of you losing and tell people watching what you are doing each move
    and say why you lost that piece.

    • I chose this reflection because I first gave him a compliment and then I gave him a idea on a way he make is project more educational in a polite way.
  • I think your project is a very educational idea but I think you should maybe build something a bit more complicated.
    • I chose this reflection because at first i gave them a compliment on how there project is good. Then i said "maybe you could" and then i told them something they could maybe fix.

  • You have a very big stadium so far but i think that you could use more curves to make it look a bit more realistic.
    • I chose this critique because i complemented on his project and then nicely gave him a suggestion.
  • I think that on your football highlight real since it was very long you could have changes the music at least halfway through because it started to get a little less interesting.
    • I chose this critique because I have only done 2 peer critiques so that means i don't have much of a choice. I liked this one better because this one is longer and goes more in depth about what he needs to fix.

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