We are gonna give you some Tips and Tricks to pass portal and help you with levels

Tip #1
If you place a portal and jump into it you can go faster and farther to make it past walls.
If you place a portal mid air onto the ground you will go a lot farther than jumping into a portal that is already on the ground.

Tip #2
If you drop an block onto an turret the turret will crash.

Tip #3
If you see someone inside an portal it is you the portal acts like a mirror.

Tip #4
Once you get to a high enough level you will unlock both of the portals the Blue one and the Orange one'

Tip #5
Turrets cannot destroy glass so don't try to make them destroy the glass.

Tip #6
Always save the game the you get past a hard part that took you ages so you don't have to do the part again.

Tip #7
The orange balls that are supposed to get into the container can kill you. so don't get in its path!

Tip #8
Use portals towards your avantage


Trick #1

If you want to get a funny image just make a portal reproduction place a orange portal on the top of the wall and a blue one below you and then, just keep one going thru them to get a good laugh!