Tdm1 Pixel Mator Project Proposal

Turning Humans into Animals and Learning Pixel Mator Basics
Trevor (tdm1)
I have never used Pixel-Mator, and I am going to start with a harder challenge.
I expect to learn how to use Pixel Mator basics, and learn how to "fuze" together pictures.
I want to learn to "zone out" other people.
I also want to learn how to get as much learning as I can in one day.
I will be challenged because I have never used Pixel Mator or anything like it before, and will need to learn everything.

This will stretch me because last project I used paint, and now I am taking things to the next level.
Computer, Pixel mator
Main Steps:
I will start with learning how to use Pixel Mator basics, using Pixel mator and making sure that I can use them, and then learn how to "turn humans into animals".

I will document my project by posting every picture on the wiki, and possibly doing a tutorial at the end.
Around 1 quarter
Merritt. He is very experienced with Pixel Mator, and has even done a project with the program himself.
There are also a lot of YouTube tutorials on it.
My PNL will definitely be Merritt and YouTube tutorials, I can also use
Here are some tutorials:
The project can be very difficult due to the fact that I have never used it before, I can solve this by looking for tutorials or asking Merritt.
I will share this by posting the pictures on the wiki, my target audience are people who want to use this.
I will evaluate my success by if I learn how to use Pixel-Mator, if I can Zone out others, and if I can learn as much as possible.