Phenomenal Phone Cases

by: Mab5 and Sp3
thinkering thing.jpgchoco cases.jpgcasez.jpg

"Final" Project

These are the pictures of our cases.

Photo on 11-3-16 at 10.04 AM #2.jpg
Photo on 11-3-16 at 10.05 AM #4.jpg
Photo on 11-3-16 at 10.05 AM #8.jpg
Photo on 11-3-16 at 10.06 AM.jpg
Photo on 11-3-16 at 10.08 AM #3.jpg

"Final" Project Reflection

Thus far, we have created a stronger bond between each other. We have also, boosted our creative skills.
We have indeed had lots of hard fun! We've learned to go around failure and find another way. FAREWELL, PHONECASES!

Steps & Tips

  • Get phone cases (Don't forget)
  • Decorate
  • Sell/keep

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • The phone cases we ordered had not been delivered on time, so Sophie decided to use the stickers to do my nails.
  • Sophie has missed a few Thursdays, therefore it has been difficult to do work.