PMM1's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Flybrix Drone Building
    • This project has taught me more about how quadcopters & tricopters work. I can learn more about how other -copters work if i pursue this, such as a hexacopter and an octocopter. Both of these drone are included in the kit with instructions. I have learned more about what is necessary for a tricopter, quadcopter, etc. to fly so I know more than I used to. I also got slightly better at flying drones with less stability than store bought ones, such as racing drones. I also have better ideas for how to design a quadcopter or other flying machine. Overall, I have learned many interesting concepts and I may use them in the future.
  • Learning Javascript - Codecademy
    • This project is teaching me how to use Javascript, an important tool in web development and game design. There are many other programming languages similar to Javascript such as Swift, a programming language for making iOS apps, so it can help me to learn other languages as well. I can also learn Javascript extensions such as AngularJS and JQuery, which are more advanced versions of Javascript optimized for different tasks. Throughout this experience, I learned and relearned important aspects of programming. Now I will be able to make webpages more interactive and make online games if I feel the need.
  • Arduino IR Jammer -NEW-
    • This project taught me fundamentals of circuitry. I worked on many different projects, such as a simple synth and an intruder alarm. I learned different ways to use the components and what their main uses actually were. Through this project I learned many important concepts related to circuitry. I now know many important things if I want to make my own circuits to actually do something.
  • Arduino IR Jammer
    • This project has taught me many things about electronics. It has taught me how to use transistors, resistors, capacitors, and many other things. I know how relays work now, and how to use them as well. My favorite activity from this project was making a super simple synthesizer. This was the last and most complicated project that i had to do. It involved using quite similar circuits to provide 2 oscillating currents. The first one was to have a circuit providing a current that was on about 0.5 seconds and off 0.5 seconds. The second was to provide a circuit that oscillated at a frequency that could drive a speaker. This project taught me many things, and I think I am ready to move on to learning arduino.
  • EV3 Robotics
    • This project has taught me many things about how to build and invent. One of the projects I made was the RHT (Robotic Hand Thing), which is essentially a tool that attaches to your wrist that can grab things, tell the how far away an object is and has interchangeable tools such as a drill and a bush trimmer. I also made 2 types of walkers, one uses linkage type arms and another is connected directly to the motor. The one where the legs are directly connected to the motor seems to be the most efficient one. I have learned many things from this project, such as what job I would want and how to prototype. I also found out that I use certain pieces too much, which can be called a weakness because I ran out of those pieces frequently. My strength was that I could often make what I wanted to work work because I have had long previous experience with EV3, NXT, and other forms of Lego.
  • KSP Solar System Exploration -NEW- -NEW- -NEW-
    • I have been working on this project since the beginning of the year. I have learned a lot about planes. I have also learned a lot about rockets. This project could be very important if I get into the aerospace industry. I have learned about how planes and rockets work which could help me with my job in the future
  • KSP Solar System Exploration -NEW- -NEW-
    • I have continued this project since the beginning of the year. This project could be very helpful. If we can get a functional KSP client, I can fulfill my goals. This would be good because then, I could learn more. I also think it will be important because if I get into a physics-related job. It could help me learn about some basic physics.
  • KSP Solar System Exploration -NEW-
    • This project is very important for possible job I might want on the future. It could help me get a job in the aviation industry or the blooming rocket industry. In this project I am learning how to build rockets, and how to build long-distance planes, along with smaller, more nimble planes for flying close to the area it was launched from. I will learn a good fuel-to-cargo ratio as well as the most efficient ways to design things. If I got into a large industry as lead designer, I could first try out designs in KSP and then we could see how well they actually work in the real world.
  • Garageband EP
    • I think this project will help me in the future because it taught me how to create music. It will help me if I get a job in the theater industry. it could also help my sister do performances in our home theater. It will help my learning journey. It might look good on my resume.
  • KSP Solar System Exploration
    • This project would help me a lot if i got into NASA . I would have learned how to colonize the solar system. I would learn how to build rockets for deep space travel. I would be able to set up a colony on mars. I would be able to set up a colony on the moon.
  • 3D Scratch Game
    • This is my first successful 3D scratch game. It is not complete as of 3/11/15, however it will have enemies you fight and a working cheatcode. I might add more songs that you can change in a pause menu. I might add more enemies that i have yet found/created. I might add/change the ammunition.
  • Scratch Portfolio
    • This is a list of games I have out (there are more that are not posted yet) which I will continue to update as I make scratch projects in this class. I made a decent (but, like most of my projects, unfinished) 3D turret game, and am working on a platformer game. More projects I am working on include a space game were you are trying not to get killed by asteroids, and an operating system for scratch. I will continue to find more projects to work on. I will probably work at home too.

Top Reflections:

  • This week, I got done...
    I finished my robot's lifting platform, so now i should be able to flip other robots or prevent them from moving by lifting their wheels. In the first bot battle i did, I realized that the lifting mechanism is very easy to remove. To prevent it from coming off during battle, I added reinforcements. They were very difficult to get on, but I was able to do it and it should be able to withstand more damage now.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because while I told what I did, and I provided the reasoning for why I did it. I explained what issues I was having, and explained my thought progress on how I could solve them. This clearly show thinking on my part, because I engineered my own solution to a problem. I added that the reinforcements were very difficult to attach, and although I doubt my ability to regularly maintain them, they have not come off since then. This definitively shows that I created my own well-thought out solution to a problem I was facing and overcame it that way.
  • "I/We were effective/ineffective because ..."
    This week I worked on building my robot for choice hour and on the code for my robot. Me and David implemented a rotating head, and we are going to use that to help our robot make smarter turns. I got done the physical part I planned to get done. Meanwhile, I have been thinking about maybe leaving my current electronics project (Infrared Jammer) and go to a new project where I build a computer. I am thinking I am going to use the mATX scale, because I already have a case that size at my house. However, I could also buy new parts and build a larger PC as well.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because in addition to saying what I had done that day and documenting my progress, I said what I thought as well. Because I said I am thinking about moving to a different project, one that comes without instructions, I am going to require myself to think more and do more and push my capabilities as a learner. I will learn more from doing a more advanced project that I have more intent to do at this point. This will greatly improve my chances of successfully completing the project because I will have a greater motivation.
  • Today I/We ...
    Today I worked on my Robotic Hand Thing (RHT). I added a gripper piece so that I could grab things. It is rather effective, but t need more of the rubber pieces to lift heavier objects (It uses friction to grab things). I also showed Mr. Morawski and Mr. McCloud it. They said that it was cool. I think that my work on this glove could help later on in life because it is a good base for an engineering job and some companies would probably pay to get this on the market (If it was an actual project, of course).
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it showed progress on a project. I had been working on the RHT for some time and I was still thinking of things to add to it. I had added a good attachment, and this shows how I had been working on it. This shows that I had been doing well on the project because I had the ability to create a gripper that worked. I had not been doing well enough, however, to have it able to pick up heavier objects.
  • "Describe your progress towards your goals"
    I think I made good progress. I worked on KSP. I had the test flight for the P-6 Firebird today. I realized it can get into orbit. I sent it into orbit and brought it back. This is important because it could be the future of SSTOs. It goes into orbit and can come back in about 40 minutes. This is important because I could send a similar design to a rocket designer and I would be able to earn lots of money and a good job.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it is very good. I made it while I was working on KSP. I think it is good because it is a Type 2 reflection. It starts off as a description of the project. Then it turns into an explanation of why it is important. This is why I think this is a good reflection.
  • "I/We think ..."
    I think I made good progress. I worked on my robot for choice hour instead of on KSP because a classmate needed to try it. The challenge I have to overcome is trying to make a high-speed robot. Me working on this is important because if I can do this I can work on making other things as well as lego robots. This could conclude in me getting into a good college because I have experience. I think that I think this is important because I want a good job that pays lots of money.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it is very good. I made it while I was working on my robot for the speed challenge. I think it is good because it seems to be a Type 2 reflection. It seems to match all the criteria. I also thought it was good because it could get me into a good robotics job. this would be good because there will be a large deficit of Software & Engineering jobs by the time I go job hunting.
  • "I/We think ..."
    I think I made progress today. I made an extremely fast jet. It's top speed is ~1100m/s (No typo). I had to keep it on an extremely low thrust when I was trying to land it. I think I might want to add airbrakes. The first time I flew the plane the engine blew up due to over heating, so I added radiators because they help dissipate heat better. I know radiators dissipate heat because I drew on my prior knowledge.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it is a Type 2 Reflection. I know this because I checked the requirements for a type 2 and edited this reflection so that it was. I did this because Mr. Whitmer had everyone in the class do it. It shows what I thought about an extremely fast jet I made. The jet most likely goes this fast because it has a large engine for such a minuscule plane.
  • ""Describe your progress towards your goals"
    I did not make much progress on my plan. On Tuesday, I Worked on the Cargo Jet but it needed some more engines to take off. that or more wings. But then on Thursday, I began work on a rocket so that I could start the outer space aspect of my project. I still need to finish making adjustments though."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it showed how I made little progress towards my goal. It showed what I need to do to improve, however. It is very accurate and describes how I tend not to manage time to well on KSP. It also shows how much more work I have to do. It is the basis for an increase in productivity if I just listen to it.
  • ""What if I/we ..."
    What if I Made a second song?
    What type of song should it be?
    How much will people like it?
    How many more should I make
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it was the first reflection I made that was actually good. I will continue to make reflections that are as good as this reflection. I might make reflections that are better in the future.
  • "What breakthrough(s) did you have?"
    I made breakthrough:
    - I finished the song with the synths
    Now i wonder what I should do for my next song.
    • This was the first breakthrough reflection i had. It was important because that song was an important milestone in doing this project. I had finally finished a project I had been working on for several weeks.
  • "I/We think..."
    I think that we need lots of pieces for mine, Alec's, and Richard's
    K'nex Roller coaster. (To be exact, more of every piece except the
    red normal sticks. I also think it will be really cool if it works.
    • It was the first contradictory reflection I made. it was very important because it told Mr. Whitmer what pieces we needed so we could attempt to finish the project.
  • "I/We think..."
    I have continued to work on my scratch project, and I have moved onto the next project. However, after the 2.0 update for Geometry Dash comes out I might move over to Geometry Dash, but I have an equally likely chance of moving over to KSP. Otherwise, I might just stay on scratch until I finish the book.
    • This was an important reflection because it was when I wanted to change my project but didn't change it anyway. However, I still might change to one of these projects next year.
  • "I/We think ..."
    I that I was productive this week. I did some research on IR Jammers, although now I think I should get an Arduino instead of going straight to the Jammer, because I need to learn more about coding with an arduino. I have a pretty good grasp over basic aspects of coding with arduino, but I have a feeling I still need to learn more about arduino before I can make an IR Jammer. The RC Plane I was talking about in my plan for this week may become my next project, though I might end up making a drone instead. Overall, I think I did pretty good work this week.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it was a quality reflection. I showed what I had done that week and i made it rather detailed. I also showed what I thought I might do next. I made sure to go into great detail about everything, and I made the reflection very long as a result. This clearly shows how good of a reflection it was.
  • This week, I got done...
    This week, I finished the attachment for my ultrasonic sensor for my robot for choice hour. I also was able to start programming the robot. The program does not work yet, although I do not understand why. I may have to o more work on my program and find a different approach or I may have to convince Mr. Whitmer that we should get more time on this challenge. I did not get much of my coding done this week, so I will have to work on that when we get back from break.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it accurately reflected how far I had gotten towards finishing my robot. I had just finished fixing the ultrasonic sensor, and was able to start the programming for the robot. I was looking ahead to possible outcomes in the future and was trying to figure out how to change them to reflect my interests. I also reflected on what I did not do, so I was able to figure out what i had to do next time. This showed valid thought on my part and proves how good a reflection this is.

Top Critiques:

  • I think that you should attempt to make a large enough amount of a non-newtonian fluid that you can run across it. This would demonstrate how non-newtonian fluids work as you can also try to walk across it slowly.
    • In this critique I gave him guidance on possible projects he could pursue in the future. By giving him ideas for what he could possibly do next, I am fostering his growth by sparking his imagination then letting him find out the methodology for creating the slime. This idea is also challenging, because to create a large enough amount of slime you would need lots of raw materials.
  • Try to make the machines as small as possible. If you need to measure things, try to be as accurate as possible when the pieces are smaller because a smaller inaccuracy will be magnified at smaller scales.
    • In this critique I gave good advice to her so that she might get ideas for how to her project better. I also gave her a tip to help her project easier at the smaller scales that I suggested that the use. This should help her along with her project and increase her chances for success.
  • You should do more life hacks (after all, you have them in your name) and you should do more male-oriented projects.
    • I chose to highlight this critique because I was giving Claire advice on what she should do and improve her channel. This was helpful for her as it could probably increase her views and subs if she decides to use these ideas. These can be very helpful for her and she can probably use these suggestions in very good ways.
  • I think you should review as many games as possible and also try terraria.
    • I chose to highlight this critique because it showed what I thought Brennen should do. He was doing reviews on games. I suggested a game I like that he should review. I also gave him something he should do throughout the project. I did this because I wanted to see how he did and what others thought of my game.
  • I think you could use a heat lamp instead of a regular working lamp. It would be more efficient and you would probably get better results
    • I chose to highlight this critique because it gave him a good way to improve his project. He was using a standard working light, which are already decent for what he was trying to do. However, I suggested a way for him to make his project more efficient and more powerful. I think I helped him by pushing him in the right direction to a more efficient project.
  • I think you could remove some unnecessary structural pieces and use them to reinforce the loops. This would probably reduce the amount of kinetic energy lost when the supports bend.
    A good metaphor would be how a rubber ball bounces better than a foam ball
    • I chose to highlight this because it was a good way for Sam to improve his track. I noticed it seemed he had some unnecessary pieces for the structure of the main tower, so I suggested that he use them to improve the supports. This way, the car would be able to go around the track and be less likely to stop. This would help him fulfill his goal because he would be able to complete the roller coaster faster than he would otherwise. This would be good for him so I believe I successfully helped him with his goals.

All Projects: