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  • PEH2 BDL1 3D Printing
    • I really like 3D printing. I like to and make a lot of things or anything I can make. Also it gives you a to o things to make and there are peoples ideas on THINKERCAD so If you don't know what to print you can look there to get some ideas. There are so many things you can make in Thinkercad it is nonstop fun. I made a couple things. I made a little box with y name on it also I aade a little funny house and finally I made a Draddle. If I were you and you have a chance then you should try to do 3D printing.
  • Taking Over In A Civilized Way
    • Civilization is a very very fun game and it helps you with your history. You have to do a lot in the game it gets you into the game a lot and you can not stop playing. There are a lot of civilizations you can pick from there is also a way were you can change a lot of things you want. You can be America and you can take over the whole world or fail like I did one time and you will die. This game is really fun because of all this and I thin you should play it.
  • Kerball Space Project
    • Kerbal Space is a really awesome project that you can learn a lot from! We did rockets this quarter. We had a lot of fails for launching the rocket they would go up but fall over before they could get high. We also looked at other rocket so we could fix them so they would be better! We got them into space but not much farther after all the fixing! It was really fun and we had a great time doing Kerbal.
  • Kerball Space Project
    • Kerbal Space Program is a really fun game, you have to try and get your planes off the ground and land it or crash your plane. Also you can build a rocket and shoot it into orbit and try to land on the moon or mars. It thought me to build rockets and help me with planes and rockets. We failed a lot we always crash when we are trying to land and we can't find out how to cut the engines so ever time we get are wheels on the ground we just go back up again and crash. Finally it thought me how to fly a plane and rocket and understands them more, that is what Kerbal Space Program helped me do.
  • LED Throwies
    • LED Throwies taught me how to build more electronic type things and that you are always not perfect. It helped me with other things that I do at home like change the light bulbs and change the yard lights. It also taught me that you fail a lot because it took us a long time to get the materials and when we are the materials we got the wrong lights. Finally it helped me work with a partner better because I do not like to work with partners because I like a lot of things my way instead of there way.
  • Gamestar
    • GameStar taught me how to adventure the electronic world more. It helped me get more used to the games on the internet and it made me more interested in electronics. Also it taught me how to make levels and it was not easy but the game makes it clear and helps you make levels. It is all not that easy they make the levels challenging as you go. you start of as a Nubby Merchant and you try to work your way up by doing things like making level and playing other peoples levels to level up you guy.

Top Reflections:

This week I took the proper time to
Start the whole project up and running. We got our YouTube Channel up and we both own it. We almost got are Logo almost done. That is all that we need to finish.
    • I think this is my best reflection for this quarter because I really like the project we started and i think it is very cool. I have never done anything with a KenDama and I hope to get better. We dot so much done this week because it was our first day doing this and we got a YouTube channel up we got are logo up and we started some tricks.This is why this is my favorite reflection for this quarter.

After I finish 3D printing thing I am going to stop and Start a Football recap with Luke
Stretch: Try to get a idea for a new project
    • I think this is my best reflection because I got a lot done in that week with that and I now what I am going to do in the next week Also I did y street goal which got me going a lot faster. I got my little box with y nah on it but I had a little crack in it so I added another stretch to fix that and print that one. That is what I am going to do this week that I a writing this so then I can start a new project with Luke. This is why this is my best reflection.
This week we took the proper time to
  • This week I got to make a started a new one.
  • I got three cities and I am really starting to start exploring.
  • I found the one city state and the other person. This week I think I did good!
    • I Think this is my best reflection because I got a lot done I started a new civilization and I got three cities and I explored almost the whole world also I found the other civilization. I got Three cities which made me a lot stronger and I can product more things. I found the the other person so I can start attacking them. Also I explored a lot.
  • Finish up rocket
  • get screen shots
  • make a slide show
  • start rockets
  • land on a lot of different islands
We are very happy about this!
    • This is my favorite reflection because we finished so much in that week. We had a huge boost after this week and we were very happy about it. I got my rocket finished we got screen shots for a slide show we started the slide show and I started a new rocket. I got that rocket done for the maker fair and they worked. The slide show were to get people interested and they could fly the plane that is why i like all the things we did because it helped us so much.
  • This week we Almost landed on the island a lot of times
we fixed the problems with the plane
we are trying to figure out how to cut the engines so we can land
we finally put on the evolons
    • I think this is my favorite reflection because we are trying to land on the island and we almost did it we were so close. We also fixed the problems with the plane which helped us almost land we were so close. Also we figured out how to cut the engines so that we can land safely and will not land that also helps us so we can stop the plane whenever we want. Finally we put on the evolons which was a HUGE part of the plane, it helps it get up in the air and stay in the air it also helps you turn to the right or the left and it also helps you go down that is why this is my favorite reflection because we got so much done!
  • this week we failed
    we had all the materials and we were going to build but we got the wrong led so we failed.
    • I choose this reflection because we failed. We were all set to build and take them home but we got the wrong light bulbs so we could not take them home or build them.We tried build them anyways to see if they would work. We tried class period but we did not get them to work so we failed. Finally i like this the most because it told us that we need to work harder and get the right materials
      • This week I/we took the proper time for the job when startedinal project also i upgraded to my goal intern merchant 2 and beat and destroyed peoples levels. I need to keep working hard to get my job done
    • I Think this is my favorite reflection because i think that i got the most done that week and that week i got my goal done and that was to get to Intern Merchant 2. That was my goal because it is challenging to get there because what you have to do is make multiple Games, you also have to comment on peoples games and review and the last thing that you need to do is play games that have not been played a lot and that takes time. I also think this is my best reflection because i took the most time on it and it has the most detail. that is why i think this is my best reflection.

Top Critiques:

  • I say you should try to make your videos a little longer. I liked your first video but it went a little to fast. So all I have for you is to make the videos a little longer.

    • This is my favorite Critique because I think it was good advice for Jonathan on is new project. It helps him get more views on his ideas because no one is really going to watch like 30 seconds to a minute video. Also it slows the action downs it iOS more interesting to watch and it will jest be a better video overall. That is why this is my favorite or best Critique

  • I like your project but you should try to put more of a challenge into it and if you do two curtain things you gat a reward or something.
    • This is my favorite Critique because I think its good advice because it will just get boring after a little and he wont like and he and his partner will have to switch to another project because it was to easy for them and so it got boring. Also it helps his project to make his city a lot better and help him level up. All of this is why I think this is my best Critique.

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