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Top Projects:

  • 3D Printing
    • I chose this project to put here because I have never done this before and I think it is very cool. I have never done anything like this. This is really fun just to make things you want. Whatever we print I think will be very neat. I can't wait until we print something. This is something we have never done so I'm very excited about this project. This is very challenging. Since we are very new to this we are hoping Jiankun will help us through this adventure!
  • Disco Ball
    • I put this project here because me and my partner worked really hard on this project. I hope this made other people inspire themselves to do a similar project where it takes more than 1 or 2 class periods like me and my partners project. This ended up looking very cool and I'm very proud how it turned out. We might of had a couple problems but we fixed them!
  • Crayon Art
    • It was our first project, we tried to make it perfect! It was better than the other projects me and Maria did. .
It turned out it was a little difficult but we still completed it.

Top Reflections:

  • We found a new project and started designing!
    • I put this here because I was really happy we found a new project. It is very fun and I'm very excited to print a lot of stuff!
    • This would be one because it was telling we have come far in our project and I was very proud of that.
  • "finished blow drying crayons"
    • I chose this because it was our first project, it felt great to get it done.
We were so excited to bring it home and show our famalies.

Top Critiques:

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