PDS1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Clash of clans
    • I chose this because its something i love and i can learn new tips and tricks on how to better my understanding of the game and pass that on to others.

  • Man-Bats Haunted House
    • I Chose this project because it shows me that i can have a fun time in minecraft whale have a serious challenge to beat and make. In order for this to be a challenge we are playing on something called hexxit. witch Is a modpack with over 1,000 mods. mods are little addons to the game such as tinkers construct.

  • How to use redstone in minecraft
    • I chose this project since it exspanded my learning about redstone but it wasnt very intersting therfore i am starting a new project with minecraft so i can learn to except change. Also give me a challenge.

  • Haunted House Survival LP Explain I chose this to make a fun adventure map.
    • i chose this since ive never made on before and i wanted to challenge myself to expand my knowledge.

Top Reflections:

  • || || "We still need to make it so are lan worlds connect so that we can join together what i learned wasd that i need to use a laptop sometimes and other resources inorder to do are project "||
    • I chose this reflection because it shows if you dony use other sorces other then your self you will lose time not get alot done.

  • "I finished are house today an will be recording on wensday. also we will be working on are redstone project.
    I/We learned... how to build piston doors and exspand are house with redstone."
    • I chose this one because it shows how i was preparing for the right time to work on the recording

    • >>> - What did you learn about learning? I learned that learning isn't just reading textbooks and learning from teachers.
      • Its about going for the gold and succeeding in your own way. learning can be created by using tools such as the internet and technology. and not only textbooks and teachers.

      - What did you learn about yourself?
      I learned that when i apply myself i can get there no matter what. say i wanted to build a motorcycle. if i reserched and had help along the way ill get there no matter what it may take me a while but ill get there.

Top Critiques:

  • you really need to add sources and photos along with what made you want to do this? how have you tried to accomplish this so far? can you expand on this later? just a few things that you should be having on your page also finding tips and copying and pasting them without resources is illegal

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