OPO1 Portfolio

Top Projects 2015-2016:

    • Me and Adiev have been working really hard on this project. We have been trying to post it to the wiki for days. But we have also had some fun by looking at the football videos and creating it. We are trying to post it on you tube and the wiki. We have been needing some help by Jack T and Evan F. It has been quite a challenge because it has been taking forever and we have been a bit frustrated. But I have also been proud of us because we have tried hard and have never gave up.
  • aaa6 opo1 Basketball highlight video
    • Me and Adiev did another highlight reel but it was basketball this time. I think we had fun and we enjoyed the project. We also had fun by looking at cool plays in the videos. We did have some struggles but we never quit. We also had fun creating it in the imovie. This time we did not have problems posting it on the wiki and it went a lot faster. I think we are having fun every little bit of time. We are not wasting any time. I think overall it was one of the best projects we have ever done. We had a lot of fun!
  • aaa6 opo1 Basketball highlight video
    • Adiev and I have worked really hard to get this project done and start minecraft. I think that even though we had some up and downs that it was a successful project. We had some trouble with the last project, but this project was more successful and more fast. On this project we had fun looking at other highlight videos and getting ideas from the other videos. It is fun because you can be very creative and do lots of different stuff. This project took around a month and was very neat and cool. We made good choices with the music and the type of video we posted on our video. Even though it is a little bit long it is still very creative and cool. I think we worked very hard on this project and never gave up. We are looking forward to our next project of the pistons palace of Minecraft.
  • aaa6 opo1 minecraft project progress page
    • Adiev and I have been working our hearts out to finish this project. It has been so fun building the court and the other features on and outside the court. We are almost finish with the basketball court and we are finishing the stands right now. I think this is our best project that we have done so far. Our goal is to build the Pistons Palace. It is so creative and you can build so much stuff. I think the palace is coming around good. We have accomplished so much stuff. It is crazy how fun building the palace is. It is taking a long time to build because there is a lot to build. For our design we looked up a picture of the palace and are trying to build what it looks like. I really recommend this project or just playing Minecraft because it is so much fun and it is also really cool. Hopefully, we finish before the school year ends.

Top Reflections 2015-2016:

  • How did feel? We are feeling frustrated because we are not able to post it on the wiki. The project is taking forever to publish on you tube and it is taking forever to upload. We are trying and trying to publish it on you tube and and the wiki we are going to try it again today.
    • I said this one because we are frustrated but really happy because we have never given up and have never came off track. We are pretty frustrated because it has been taking us days and days to do it.
  • What helped your learning? I think that my partner Adiev and the videos helped my learning because we got information off it and we put some of the videos into our highlight reel. I think Adiev and the videos helped a lot and it did help us by giving us information and Adiev giving me some tips. I was thinking that we should be able to get the highlight reel done and start a new project. Although we are going to have to start that next class. I learned about my self that I can never give up. I should always keep going and never stop. Also I learned that if I give up I will not achieve what I wanted to achieve.
    • I chose this reflection because we can learn from many things. We can learn from people, etc. I also chose this one because we had a really good day that day and it was one of our best days. We also never stopped and never went through struggles. We always knew what to do and did not need any help. Although they did help our learning. Also my partner Adiev was always giving me tips. Also I learned that I should never give up because if you do you cannot achieve what you wanted to achieve. This was my favorite one!
  • Today I/we had "hard fun" when... Today we had fun when we looked for basketball court ideas. It was fun because all the basketball courts we cool. Also people did actually make them. We also had fun when looking at the other people playing Minecraft and getting ideas from them. Also we were planning what our basketball court was going to look like. I think we had a lot of fun today. Although we had some struggles because we could not figure out how we are going to build our hoops. I think today was one of the best days of thinkering studios.
    • I picked this one because we were looking for at least a weak for basketball court ideas and I think we looked very hard. After a weak we finally found one and decided to build the pistons palace of minecraft. We think it is going to be very creative and we are going to work very hard to get it done. We think we will face some challenges and some stresses. Hopefully, we do not give up and do not do anything wrong. Also we are going to make a imovie out of it so that we can see what it looked like and so that it would be very creative.
  • What was fun? What did we enjoy? Today in minecraft we really enjoyed finishing the locker rooms and it was fun finishing the touches on the court. Our strategy was to each do about half of the court. I think it worked really good and that we both worked really hard. I think our project came along well and that it was one of the best projects we have ever done. We also really enjoyed building the court and the hoops. It was also fun working together. We both never came off track and I thought we worked really hard
    • I picked this one because we have been enjoying this project so much and there is a lot to enjoy. Also, I picked this one because it is really fun building the Pistons Palace. Also, I enjoyed the building the stands and the rest of the court. There is so much to enjoy and a lot to do in Minecraft and that is why I picked that reflection for my portfolio. I also picked it because I think it was one of my best ones.

Top Critiques 2015-2016:

  • Gamestar Mechanic: Nice job Perry! I think you did good at explaining your games and I think you should keep on doing what you are doing!
    • I chose this one because I think he did good at explaining his games and he never came off track. I also tell what he did good and I said that he should keep on doing what your doing because he has been doing this project for a long time and has done a really good job! I also like what Perry does to his games and he is a really good person at doing projects.
  • I think you did good Ty I think you did good at explaining your Gamestar games but I think you could try
making more games
    • I chose this one because I think he did good at explaining his games althoough he could have made more games. But the games that he made were really good. If he had made more games it could have been like a collage of games. His levels were really creative and I think he did a really good job with details in the games. Good job TY! I think you built some of the best levels I have ever seen!
  • I think your castle is really cool and neat. I suggest that maybe you build another mini castle and then build a bridge across so that they connect. So that if there are zombies invading one of your castles you could go to your other castle.
    • I chose this one because I think I did good at explaining what he should do and what he did good. I said that because I thought his castle was really cool and they should keep on adding to it one by one. If he made another mini castle he could even have like another secret hideout and maybe if there is something bad a t night that you do not want in your castle you could just go to your other castle. I think he did really good and should keep on doind what he is doing.
  • I think it was really cool and intelligent to think that you should make music and then post it onto iTunes. Maybe you should actually like actually sing instead of just doing the beat. Maybe when you grow up you should be a singer. If you sing instead of just doing the beat, maybe you would get more followers or make it more entertaining. I really like what you did.
    • I said this one because I thought it was really smart and cool to make music. Also, I thought he did a great job at making the beat and I really liked the beat. And I thought he should be a singer because he did such a great job. Also, I would never think that someone would do a project like that. He can also even post the songs so that people can see it. It is really cool and neat. It also probably inspires people a lot by looking at the music and listening to the music.

Top Projects:

  • Gamestar Mechanic Portfolio
    • I learned in Gamestar Mechanic to publish games, build games,etc. Also I have had fun by making games and beating games. Next It's been a little bit of a challenge because sometimes it is really hard games.
  • Sim City page OPO1 and JAM11
    • I chose it because it is a really fun game. You get to build your own city and make your own people. You get money by taking care of your city. You are the mayor of the city and you can build stuff in your city like buildings , parks, stadiums, etc.
  • WolfQuest Page OPO1
    • I Chose this project because it was really fun. It was really challenging and hard at some parts but overall it was really fun. You even got to make your own Wolf. I also had fun hunting other animals like Coyote's. Hares (Bunny's), Elk, and even Grizzly Bears. That was why I liked the game.

Top Reflections:

  • "I learned the harder the challenge the more rewards you get''
    • I did this one because I thought that if you tried really hard to beat a level then you would get lots of rewards
  • ''I learned that the easy challenges do not give you rewards''
    • I did this one because if you thought this one was easy and you beat it would not give you rewards. If it took you like really quick to do it would not give you rewards.
  • "I learned how to keep other Wolves out of my territory"
    • I did this because it was very important to keep other wolves out of my territory. If I did not it would've been very dangerous for my wolf.

All Projects: