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    • For my project I and my partner Max have been doing a Coke Bottle Rocket it is where you have a bottle of coke and mentos and you put the mentos in the bottle, close the cap then throw on to a hard surface and it shoots up in to the air. Max and I have not had much success with it but we are still trying we can not continue further until the snow clears up. Max and I have been trying so hard to make it work but we are going to keep trying we have not had much time to work because

  • Madden /NBA 2k
Max and I have done 2 projects and we have had major success together. Now we have took another way and now we are doing Madden and NBA 2k it has worked out very well. And we have trying to learn more and then make our own account
  • Civilization V
    • Max and I have been working on this project for the whole semester. Civilization V is a game where you start off with a little civilization and you try to concur the whole world by getting into war with other counties and if you win you get to take there land and then you try to get into the future and if you get farther ahead in technology it will make it easier to concur the world!

I/We think...
that we got very far because we got the empire that we were at war with to surrender to us. We also got him to give us lots of things for our peace. This was just what we needed.

I chose this reflection because it shows just a little glimpse into what Civilization V really is everyone thinks that this is a stupid game that it takes no skill at all and you just try to kill other people. Civilization V does take a lot of skill and you need a certain min set to play this game I am a little to risk taking in this game that is why we have max he is my backbone in this relationship he takes more of the big responsibilities he thinks if he I play without him I am going to rec the whole project that is not true. He needs to learn that I am more responsible than him he can leave me alone and he is starting to do that ;) !!

Top Reflections

  • Today we tried but failed again because of the cap is messed up because it has a little indent in and is hard to screw on really fast. Max and I have been trying to work on that it has been hard because we just got off break and the snow so we are going to wait till the snow clears up.

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