Top Projects:

  • OMB2 Cool Power Point:
    • I choose to put this one first beacuse this one was realy fun to do becuause i got to go on the internet to look for some cool shoes and while i was doing that i had some good times and some bad. it was realy fun going on google to look at all the shoes there was alot of cool cleakes and high tops and goth shoes with wierd shoes
  • Gamestar Mechanic
    • I chose this one for my second won because its really fun and you get to make you own game and it challeng your briand its just a great game and a exaple of a game is down below and its a page called gamestar so if you stie it i hope you in joy it.
  • Project 1 (delete this and replace with project name)
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

Top Reflections:

  • I tougt emme how to right click and to save the piture.
    i learend how to tech people.
    i laerned how to share and do team work.
    i learend that partner are supposed to work together instead of ignoreing each other.
  • I choose to do this one first becuase its the first one I did for my journal

  • today i learered about screen chop and how to use it .
    and i laerered how to do screen shot and put it on screen chop.
    and i learen not to pu i the picture all the way at the bottom.
    and laerned how to get a picture of the internet without it being important
  • Because it was a really fun and i got to play minecraft.
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