OJG1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Pinata
    • I chose this project because it was a lot of fun. I liked that we got to use our hands to do the paper mache. Abbie and I were doing this project together and we almost got split up because we didn't bring in our materials. This taught us to be more responsible.
  • Soccer tutoring
    • I chose this project because we wanted to get Abbie on the soccer team so we figured I could teach her to play soccer since I have been playing soccer I was 5. And we then thought that we could record our tutorials and put them on youtube. I taught Abbie to dribble but her control of the ball isn't very good yet.
  • Candle Making
    • I chose this project for my top 3 projects because it was the only project that we made something off of the computer. We did this project because the candle didn't have a wick so we added a piece of string and melted the candle and it didn't look good. After we melted it it looked nice. I like this project because I had a good partner and I got to do something different than I usually do.
  • Gamestar
    • I chose this project because it was fun and I learned new things. I learned how to get new blocks and characters, by playing the bonus missions. I also got to play games at the same time. I got to make a game and try out other people's games.
  • Game Reviews
    • I chose this project because I like to play games and I like critique things. I also wanted to learn how to use a blog but the websites we used we not wouldn't let us edit them. so we are now using blogger. I really liked this project, even though we didn't get to do all the games on our list. I didn't like that this was almost a project I had to do aloone because Abbie and I only got to see what games we were going to review but we couldn't review or play the games togethjer and it got boring.
  • Minecraft
    • I chose this project because I like to play video games and many other people were playing this. I thought it was more interactivee and I liked that Me and Nina could play together but I didn't like that anyone on the wifi could play in our game. I learned many skills from this project.

Top Reflections:

  • "We recorded passing. I tought Abbie to pass with the inside of her feet. The skills that I used I already had were my passing skill and experience. I learned that I am not as bad at coaching as i thought i would be."
    • I chose this reflection because learned something new about myself. But coaching isn't as easy as I thought it would be, especially because Abbie had never played soccer before.
  • "I melted a candle but we didnt have the sprinkles so we used colored paper but the color of the wax turned brown and kind of green. We got a lot done today."
    • I choose to highlight this because we improvised, instead of using paint we used colored paper. Even though it didn't work we still had a good idea for it.
  • "I got a lot done today. When I started the quest I was at 44% and I got to 93%. I think that we got as much as we could done. We didn't get distracted and we were very focused."
    • I liked this reflection because we worked very well that day and we got our work done."
  • "We picked game reviews. We made a poll and we made a propsal. We started to make a blog and show the games that we are going to do. I think this is going to be different than my other projects because we are writing reviews on a blog for it and it's a different because we are using cool math games."
    • I choose this because it was a very hard day and the blog was getting very frustrating.
  • "We played our games but we didn't figure out what was wrong with our blog. We are going to contine playing games and writing the reviews on microsoft until we figure out our blog."

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