OAZ1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Liv&LizDIY
    • This quarter we started a new project, Edible cookie dough. Our company name is called Dashes&Doughs.We have created a cool and simps logo and we also made a order form. We are working on a cookie dough flavor list with are different type of cookie doughs. We have discussed containers and soon we will make are cookie dough and sell it to friends, family, and kids at school. Once we make are cookie dough we might make a 30 second commercial, and we might make a taste testing video.We might also plan another baking battles like we did last quarter.
  • Liv&LizDIY

    • This quarter we planned are DIY school life hacks video. It took a while to make the video, but after a lot of hard work we put it on to youtube . My favorite life hack we did is gummy bear on paper clip. This was my favorite life hack because you can have a snack during class and it is delicious. We also did the first round of baking battles in this quarter. Elizabeth and I won!

  • Liv&LizDIY
    • This was my favorite project of the quarter because we got to make cool DIYs. We made a youtube channel called Liv&LizDIY and made are first video about edible school supplies. I really liked making the edible school glue because it was really fun to drink and make. Now we are planning are school life hacks video so that we can get that done before the second quarter ends.

Top Reflections:

  • How did I/we feel?...We were very happy with are order form and how it turned out. We were also very happy of how are logo turned out on the order form. Are order form looks very professional. We would like to make a list of the cookie doughs we are selling and we need to make are recipe.
    • I choose this reflection because we got a lot done that day. I was very proud f how are order form and logo came out. It was a great start to are edible cookie dough project.It looks very professional. would want to buy cookie dough from are company.

  • My/Our next step will be.......Are next steps too do are baking battles and we are working on starting a new video about cookie dough. We also want to find different names for are cookie dough and we want to make sure it is safe to eat.
    • I choose this reflection because I had so much fun making this video. Elizabeth and I made a video with Sydney and Dede called baking battles. As we were planning that Elizabeth and I want to make edible cookie dough
  • My/Our next step will be.......Our next step will be to make are own video since we have been researching a lot of DIYS. We want to start to making our edible school supplies video. We want to get most supplies at Michaels.
    • I choose this reflection because I had so much fun making this video and shopping for all the supplies. Elizabeth and I after going shopping went back to her house to make are video. Are video ended up turning out really well so we sent it to friends and teachers. One of the problems we faced doing are video was having to re due the scenes.

Top Critiques:

  • You could explain in the baking battles trailer a little more about the rules. You could also slow the video down more so that you can read what it is saying better.
    • I picked this critique because I this this would help are project. I Think my critique would help make the trailer more interesting.
  • I liked the background music because it made the video more entertaining. You could add more detail on how that changed the picture. I though your video was great.
    • I picked this critique because I think this would be helpful to her. I think if she used my critique it could help more her video more interesting and entertaining to watch.

All Projects: