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Top Projects:

  • PivoitNTK1
    • I picked Pivot so I could see how they make animated cartoons that look really cool and how to make short clips too. So that is why I did Pivot and another thing I wanted to do it is so I could try to make a very long video and post it on the blog so people could watch but it never worked so I only pasted what I had done

    • I picked this project because .Kodu
  • I play kodu because it is really fun for me and I could learn how to make games and other un things how to shoot so that is why I like it.

  • , and alot others. Another thing you could do that is exciting is go on creative mode and you could build anything you want on a terrain and you also could fly, have unlimited blocks and have every item in minecraft in your inventory. You also could hit the block once and it breaks and there is also adventures and one adventure is to try to find a temple to get gold, iron, dimands and other things too. There is also going to be adventures like trying to go to the ender and there is alot more you could do. There is alot more things in minecraft that is exciting and fun in Mieecraft so go and look on the blog.

  • Minecraft Parkour Map
    • I picked this project because I was intrested in doing map where you do minecraft but first we were going to do a Adventure map but then my group, Thomas, Chris and I agreed to doing a parkour map because we think it would be more difficult then a Adventure map. We got pretty far on our first one but Thomas accidently delete in so we had to restart on the map on the last two weeks so we did not even get to start making the Parkour on the map because we had to make the buildings and stuff. Another thing is why I picked my group is because they were the some of the only people to do minecraft and also they were my friends so that is why I picked my group.

Top Critiques

  • I think that this is a good project but you don't look like you are doing much. Maybe you should post more stuff on your Journal so that we can see your progress better

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