NTR2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1 Our 2k Scratch Project
    • WE chose this project because we both Really like the original game
    • We enjoy coding
    • We like to try new things

Top Reflections:

  • "Today Jaiden and i have finished all of our coding. With a little help form mr Whitmer and Nolan Wong. We learned a lot about coding as this class went on. Jaiden and i did not know that much about coding but when we saw professionals do it we started to realize what all these codes meant. We have finished the base of our project. But we will continue add little things to make more things and little fixes to make our basketball game one of the top games on scratch in the sports category.
  • I chose this reflection because i feel i put a lot of effort into it and made it interesting.

  • "Today we attempted coding. We had some struggles but we have added many codes. We have made the cannon smaller and rotated it some. We just need to add the finishing codes to our project to make the cannon complete. We are able to finish basketball project with cannon project because they require the same type of coding."

  • I chose this reflection because it is something great for me to look back at and how i became better at coding everyday.

Top Critiques:

  • ".
I like the idea of a game review. I think it would be very helpful to people not knowing if they should get a game or not. I think you could ad some gameplay of you and bennet playing the game.

    • I highlited this critique because i feel like i gave a very good amount of help.

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