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Top Projects:

  • Project 1 (SLIME IT)
    • I choose this project because I like to play with slime and it is a good fidget. Some problems we had was the slime was very sticky and it wasn't as fun to play with. My partner Jack and I made up a recipe instead of looking it up online. We still looked on YouTube to help think of ideas. I like this project because it helped me learn how to put videos on YouTube.
  • Project 2 (NFL blog)
    • I wanted to do this because I like the NFL and I wasn't bored when we were looking at the stats and scores. I know a lot about football also so that helps us to figure out what to do. We are good with the internet so we could find stats on ESPN and the other websites we used. I think other people will enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoyed making our blog. What we did is we would put up the scores,stats,big games and injuries.
  • Project 3 (paper airplane)
    • I choose this project because I like to make and create things. Paper airplanes I have made in the past. that is why i like it so much. I am getting very skilled at making airplanes that are very advanced. the one thing that i need to work on is probably creasing the airplane because you really need to make sure your crises are really good.
  • Project 4 (Trick shots)
    • I choose this project because I love sports. This project is good to show that I like sports. I have had a lot of practice because I always do trick shots at my house. we are good with imovie and that helps us with our videos. The thing I should work on is uploading the imovie to youtube. I will try to work on that.

Top Reflections:

  • We think...

    We can use a good recipes from YouTube and make slime then we can sell what we made.
    • Because that was the start of our slime recipe and we might sell the slime.
"What skills did you use that you already had?
    • Using info from internet.
    • teamwork
    • Problem solving
    • I choose this reflection because we worked as a team and together. We used or resources very well. When someone needed scores or anything else one person would step up and help them. Even if we have a problem they would help them figure it out.
  • We learned...
    • To use resources.
    • How to make a plane.
    • How to make better folds
    • I choose this because I tells the truth on what we learned

Top Critiques:

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