NRL3's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Gamestar NRL3
    I think this page shows you about what I have done over this year with my project Gamestar Mechanic. I have created lots of games but the one I worked the hardest on was Lightning Dash. It was also my best game and lots of people liked it as well. I chose this project because it seemed fun to create my own games and have people review them and play them.
  • Wolf Quest -
    • This page shows what I have done so far for this project and what it's about. I have learned the whole process of what it's like being a wolf and now i'm determined to learn more about wolves. I chose this project because I think it would be cool to see what life is like for a wolf and the situations it gets in and what their like
  • Sim City Page AAA6 NRL3
    • This page shows you what we worked hard for and have accomplished during quarter one and two. My partner (Adiev) and I made a recreational area and that was what I'm most proud of. It took us a lot of time perfecting it over time and was one of our coolest areas in the entire. I chose this project because it looked interesting to find out what you need to do to make a city.

Top Reflections:

  • "I understood it's important to receive and give people feedback so that you can improve. This also helps your gain trust with other people then they will trust you and your games will be better.."
    • This reflection really shows what I've learned over the course of this project.
  • "I have learned this week in Gamestar Mechanic that it's important to help out others. My friends had trouble with some levels so I gave them a few pointers to help them out. I believe this is important because if you help out other people, they will help out you."
    • I believe this reflection shows that I have learned new stuff and I learned a life skill.
  • "I knew it's important to stick to something even when it's tough to accomplish. This is important so you get stuff done."
    • This will be important for life because you will then be able to accomplish many things if you persevere.

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