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  • ## Vine sized videos Project page

    • chose Vine Sized Videos because I thought it would be fun with Karsten because he already knew how to do most of it so when we did it we knew what we were doing. Another reason I wanted to do this project is I wanted to learn how to make cool legit animations so what better way than to make short videos to practice. Also it is very challenging trying to figure out what object we are going to use for these videos and I like that its challenging because if it wasn't challenging it wouldn't be fun so I like that a lot. and you can make such different videos then stop motion and I like that a lot.
  • 3d printing project page
    • I chose 3D Printing with Karsten because I thought it would be a fun and challenging project to do. We wanted to start off easy because its was are first time doing 3D printing so we started by building a dreidel. But when we printed it the dreidel fell apart. so Mr Whitmer suggested to use mesh mixer which is an application you can get on your computer. I realized it would be a lot harder that I thought so we had to work hard on this project. we watched a video for the mesh mixer so we could know how to use it to fix our dreidel. While were learning how to learn about mesh mixer we are working on other designs that hopefully won't fall apart.
  • Melted Crayon Crazynes
    • I choose Melted Crayon Craziness with Briggs because I thought it would be fun and interesting. We wanted to do something else instead of doing the original melted crayons so we made multiple circles on the white board. It was a lot more challenging and a lot more confusing. If we did the original melted crayons it would be to easy to make and do. It was really fun melting the crayons but we had some difficulties with the blowdryer and other things. If we left the blowdryer on for to long it would burn the board and it didn't look nice on the white board. So we kept giving it breaks and turning it off when it got hot. The crayons kept falling off the board but we put lots of hot glue on the crayons and they eventually sticked on. We needed lots of materials we needed a blowdryer a Hot glue gun and crayons and the white board. we used some images on google so we could have an idea of how to make it. Overall it was so much fun making it and doing it with briggs.
  • Gamestar mechanic
    • I chose Game star Mechanic Because i thought it would be a fun tech thing to do. Another reason i pick this is I would learn new things and show my friends and parents how it works and how you play. What is Game star Mechanic is a game where you build your own games and worlds that you build then you publish it then people can review it and play it. or you can go to the game alley where all the other games that other people made and yo can review it and play it. And theirs one more thing you can do in this game you can play quests are levels that you play that the people have made for you to play and you can unlock new things like characters and objects and other things in the game.
  • Gamestar Mechanic
    • I started Game-star mechanic because I think it would be interesting. I think it would be fun to play and I would learn other things about it. It would be good for me to learn so In the future if i play it again I know what i'm doing. Also I get to make my own games on game-star mechanic. Then people will find my games interesting to play and fun. I get to do quests that will help me on making other games and the more i play quests the more i can make games from scratch.
  • Paper Airplane
    • In class students were allowed to pick a project that they had to make and test. My friend and I chose to make paper airplanes. We picked this because it looked interesting and fun. There were some challenges with this project. One challenge was finding the model of paper airplane we wanted to build. There were so many examples and some that we tried were too hard to build. Even though it was a challenge, we enjoyed it. The model we went with was a one that most people know. It was fun to make
  • Stikbot Stop Motion

    • Me and my partner Karsten wanted to do something new. So we started Stick bot stop motion. What is stick bot stop motion it is an app on your phone that lets you click this button multiple times and it takes pictures of the stick bot figures. What are stick bot figures they are little people that have little sticky thing on there hands and legs so they can stay in one place. You can put backgrounds in your videos you do with a green screen. We love this project it is very fun to use and you can do it anywhere. Me and Karsten are thinking of doing this next year but more advanced videos and new things.

Top Reflections:

  • What I was thinking was..
    Me and karsten are doing a lot better on tinkercad because we learned a lot more on how to build designs and how to place blocks in the right area. we now know how to do meshmixer so we can fix our dradiel. Im starting to build a lot more challenging designs. The last thing I was thinking was hopefully soon me and karsten will succeed in the next design we print.
    • I picked this reflection because it tells how me and karsten are doing a lot better in our project. Another thing it tells is that we learned how to do mesh mixer and thats a big thing because now we can fix our dradiel. The last thing it tells is that me and karsten have progressed a lot more than when we started.
  • What strategies I used and how they worked... What strategies i used was i played a lot of games at home so i can unlock new blocks and characters. it worked for me because when i got to school i had all the resources i needed to build a game. Another strategic i did was me and my partner helped each other on games. how it worked was we got really far in doing games and quests for gamester mechanic.

    • I picked this Reflection because it really tell how well i'm doing in gamestar Mechanic. And another reason i picked this Reflection is because I had lots of strategies for this game and they really worked. I picked this because i thought it would tell you that you should use strategies in any game you play. its important that you have strategies because then you have a way to beat the game or play the game and then you know what your doing.
  • I learned... That to make a game you need to put lots of effort in it. So people will like your game and that its fun to play. Then for quests you really need to work on the levels so you can move on to the next level.

    • I like this reflection because I learned new stuff and what i need to do. I like it because i know i need to put lots of effort in to my games that i make. Also i like this because i learn new stuff for the future. i think this is my top reflection because i know i half to work on it. And the more i work on it the more fun it will be for people to play.
  • Strategies we used were.. we didn't use a background because we couldn't find the right one so we used no background and it works a lot better then a green screen. and we used a shelf to put the tripod on so we can record. we will be doing a movie at my house and will have no background but we will be using my stairway and doing a fighting scene.
i liked this reflection because it tells what strategies we used and how they worked. another reason i like this reflection is i said we will be making a movie at my house it show and example of where were doing it and how. another reason is i showed what we had trouble of thinking about doing and what decisions we should do so you guys can know what happen before
  • What we were thinking was... when we started this project we wanted to do something different instead of the straight Line on the top of the canvas we wanted to do circles on the canvas. we were thinking we needed more crayons for the canvas if we didn't have enough crayons we wouldn't be able to do this project. me and Briggs were happy after figuring out to do the project we knew what we were doing and knew all the steps for the project
    • I picked this reflection because it talks about the hole project. it talks about the difficulties we had and how we solved them. Another reason I picked this is it says what tips to use while doing the project. It tells what materials you need in the reflection. The last thing it says is the resources we used and how e used them.

We want to know

Why whenever we fold our paper airplane it doesn't go as well as planned.
Why does our paper airplane go down and then goes sideways. We are also wondering why the paper airplane does not fly straight.
Maybe if we know why these things happen we can change how we make the paper airplane next time and maybe also use a different type of paper.
I would love to make a great paper airplane.

Top Critiques:

  • I think that is very cool that you are photographing and editing pictures that needs color and better frames to it. and maybe David you could find a cool app that allows you to edit anything you want when you make your pictures

    • I picked this reflection because it shows what David should do in the future as a suggestion and tells what good things about his project and some thing he could do for his reflection.

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