NMS5 Portfolio

Favorite Project:

  • NMS5 Trickshots Highlight Reel
    • This was my favorite project of the quarter. In this project, I copied videos from YouTube into Clip Converter and then downloaded them into MP4 format. After that, I added the downloaded videos and imported them into iMovie. I think that I became a better learner. I also believe I gained more patience. I learned a lot about software by doing this project. I worked hard on this project to aim to meet my goal. My goal is to get a video with a length of 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I have met my goal. I should be completing my project very soon.
  • Nate's Basketball Highlight Reel
    • This project was my favorite project I ever worked on it was super fun. I learned a lot about the software called iMovie. I learned how to crop down videos, use clip converter (to add clips into iMovie), and how to add in a voiceover. I had a lot of fun learning about iMovie and I learned a lot about the NBA. I recommend this project for anyone.

Top Projects:

  • NMS5 Trickshots Highlight Reel
    • I don't have a project page so this link is to my proposal. I have been working on this project for about 3 weeks. I have had fun working on this. I am nearly done with this project. Nearly reaching my goal of 2 and a half minutes of videos, I am nearly completed. I have learned a lot about editing during this project. This has been a fun project to work on and I recommend this project to anyone that likes trick shots.
  • iCivics
    • I don't have a project page for this project. So I made a link to the website. This project is a fun-social studies software. I have been currently working on the 27 amendments that Mr. Braisted (My Social Studies Teacher) has been teaching us. This gives me good practice. The feature on this software I'm working on right now is "Do I Have A Right?". I choose a character to run my law firm. Then I choose a partner and if I win a case I get 200 "prestige" points, if I lose a case I lose 200 points. This project is fun and helped me a lot for studying for Mr. B's big test. I got 60/60 on that test. This project has been very productive for me as a learner.
  • Nate's Basketball Highlight Reel
    • My project is creating a basketball highlight reel. I am using iMovie and YouTube for my softwares. I get highlights and music from YouTube. Then I download those videos into iMovie. My goal in this project is to create a highlight reel with good quality highlights and audio. I edit the music's base drop to fit a certain highlight to make the video more exciting. I got some highlights with good quality picture (720x1080). I am nearly done with this project. It is going very well and it is a very good quality highlight reel. I think people will like it. I like this project because I love basketball and highlight reels are exciting. This project will help me in years to come because if you learns how to use more softwares, it can help you to make fun and creative presentations,
  • Nate and Jack's Sim City Page
    • My project is Sim City. We are using the Sim City 4 software to achieve our goal. Our goal, is to make a great city with lots of people, loads of money, lots of monuments, and making a profit. We have achieved our goal for two of our cities. We are working on achieving our goal on a third city. We did achieve our goal but our city glitched out and we lost all of our progress. This project will help in the future because this game is creative and that will help me in life. Also, this game will help with management because I'm learning to manage my stuff.
  • NMS5 Sports Memorabilia
    • My project is buying and selling valuable sports things. I am using eBay for my source for buying and selling. I am trying to buy authentic autographs and collect them. Also, I am trying to sell some of my sports memorabilia that I have. I am trying to sell my sports memorabilia right now. I like this project because it is something that I like to do. This will help in the future because I like doing this and I would like to have a sports memorabilia retail store. I like this project a lot and I would like to do this for a long time.
  • Shoe Marketing
    • I am working on a project, where we buy and sell shoes on eBay. We are trying to buy shoes for really inexpensive and sell for a profit. We are trying to sell some of our shoes right now. This is a good project for us because we are learning to sell and get a good deal on things. This will help in the future for like buying a house, buying accessories, and etc. We are basically learning sales while doing this project. This is a great project for us and we will develop some life-long skills.
  • Scratch
    • I really like scratch because of how basic it was and how little time it takes to learn Scratch. I learned creativity and imagination and how problem solve. I learned how to do all of these things while I had to animate or change the color of the sprite and it was a good learning experience.
  • Ultimate Golf Tee Proposal
    • I really like golf and I play seriously (I play a lot). So I decided to make a golf which has 4 tees glued together to make the golf ball stay on the tee and the tees set the ball up better for a better drive or swing. I have sold some to other friends. They say it works well and it helps their drive or swing.
  • Gamestar Mechanic Proposal Nate and Chris
    • I wanted to try out Gamestar for the first time. Gamestar Mechanic seemed easy enough for beginners. I did the quest so I can finish my games and so they are hard and fun. But now I have gotten ideas from other people's games and I've made my levels both hard and fun.
  • Remix Song
    • I wanted to try this project out because I heard my friends playing some songs. They were remixing them and I was impressed so I tried to remix songs. And when I tried the song sounded cool.

Top Reflections:

  • I accomplished my goal... I finished my proposal and today I started my project. I worked hard to complete this. I am excited to work on this project. This project should take me a while to complete. I will use iMovie for my software to complete this project
    • This was a good reflection. I stated what my goal was, and then I explained why I accomplished it. I also stated what I feel about this project and if it makes me bored or excited. I also clarified how long this project should take to complete. I even mentioned the software I'm using for this project (iMovie).
  • I learned... how to play. I learned how to fix things and get new lawyers. I also won my first week as a law firm with 1700 prestige points. This project is very fun. I am learning a lot about the amendments. I know how to use the software now. It is very easy to search around on iCivics.
    • This was a good reflection. I got a lot done and learned a lot through iCivics. This was also my first week and I got 1700 prestige points in "Do I Have A Right?" I also learned a lot about our country's amendments. I made a lot of progress this day.
  • I learned that I would've needed many more materials. I would've needed to go to many stores. I'm going to need to work on a new project because there will be much too out of school work that needs to be done. I have sports activities everyday so I couldn't do it. I'm going to work on a new project, which involves Social Studies, called iCivics.
    • This was a good reflection. This was my second day working on iCivics. I did a really good job this day. I got 4,400 prestige points in the feature, "Do I Have A Right?". I worked super hard and got a lot done. I had a lot of fun working on this project that day.
  • I learned... That it's very difficult for me to upload or share in any format of my project. But I made some great tweaks that make my project much better. Next class, I'm going to find a way to upload the project so I can find another project. My highlight reel is very good. It is very high quality.
    • This is a good reflection. I got my video done. It's a very good, high quality highlight reel. All I need to do now is upload my video to YouTube and embed it to my project page. I think that my project will get a lot of views on YouTube and a lot of likes.
  • We did and we even got some monuments as tourist attractions. And we got $1,100,000 which helps our budget a lot. Our city is thriving and I think getting money and monuments is going to help our city a lot.
    • This is a good reflection because I achieved my goal very quickly. We got the money we needed. We were making a profit. We even put in tourist attractions to get more people to come to our city. We put in monuments and etc. This was a productive day.
  • The steps we plan to follow are finding probables for selling. To buy some shoes with permission from my father. Then sell the shoes for more money then we bought them for.
    • This was a good reflection because I'm learning the steps and process of a business. This is a good thing because if I learn the process, I'll get the results I want. This was a productive day for me and my partner.
  • I edited my project page to give links. For authenticators, I gave links. And cites that are good for buying autos.
    • This was a good reflection because I learned and did a lot of research on the reliable authenticators. I put them down on my project page. This is a good thing because now everyone that will be doing the same project as me could use my project page. They will learn a lot of great things on my project page.
  • I had some games I made last year that I didn't really work on. I did the project again this year and I started continuing the levels. I made them and publish them to my portfolio page. They weren't working to embed to the wiki so I made some links to put on the portfolio page. This was a good accomplishment and I worked hard in that hour.
    • This was a good reflection because I ended up finished lots of levels and I linked three of my levels to my portfolio. I got a lot of things done, I even had enough time to beat some challenges which helps a lot. It was a very productive day.
  • Finishing 8 of my cards
    • I was assigned to 12 cards and I ended up finishing 8 on the very first day. So I now have more time to explore. I also have more time to learn tricks about scratch and after I finish I can go embed all of my progress onto the wiki.
  • To get 30% done in the quest
    • Because I went on the quest and it was already finished. So I had more time to explore Gamestar Mechanic to see what interests me. I had enough time to make a game.
  • To publish all of my levels
    • I published all of my levels and I got to play them and make them more fun and challenging. I even got to embed all of my levels to my portfolio page. I got to test my levels on the portfolio too because I had plenty of time.
  • To download a song
    • I ended up downloading a song. I learned the software. And I got half way done with the song.

Top Peer Critiques:

  • Your project seems very fun. But you should make a web page and record your progress throughout making desserts.
    • This was a good critique. In this case, she didn't make a project page or tutorials for her project to show progress. So I requested that she made these things. She is making desserts, and there is a lot of interest in cooking shows nowadays. I explained what she should be doing, but in a way that is constructive. I believe this was a good reflection.
  • Your project seems fun. But you should make a tutorial through screencast-o-matic to show others how to create compilations.
    • This was a good critique. I addressed that I thought his project seemed interesting. I also addressed kindly that he should make a tutorial of how to do his project through screencast-o-matic. And then post complimations of his project and screencast-o-matic tutorials. It can show the viewer a bigger picture of the project.
  • It sounds fun that you're doing a drone project. But why did you choose this project? What do you expect to learn in this project. What is the project going to do to excel your PLN?
      • This was my best and only critique of the quarter. This was a good critique because I gave him constructive criticism to help him with his project. I also asked him why he chose this project or what does he expect to learn in this project. Because when he was presenting he didn't do a very good job of telling us what he was up to in his project.
  • Your project seems very fun. I like plane simulations. But what are you expecting to learn? What is your main goal for this project? You should make that more clear in your proposal.
    • This was a good critique because I put in some positives. Then, I gave constructive criticism. His project wasn't explained correctly so I asked him some key points on his proposal. He never said some pretty important things that lets you do this project.
  • I don't really understand your project. I don't even know your main goal. Also, your video didn't make any sense to me and I couldn't hear anything.
    • This was a good critique because her project didn't make any sense. She was just dancing and doing other random stuff. She made a video where you couldn't hear anything, it was a total waste. This was a good critique because I told her that she needs to rethink her project.
  • I think this could be a fun project. But could you add some highlights instead of fails because highlights look better. Also, what are you trying to learn in this project and how will this stretch your learning?
    • This a good reflection because I gave him good tips. But I also gave him a critique. I asked him how this would stretch his learning. This was a good critique.
  • I don't really understand your project. You really are just painting your nails for fun. What is your main goal? What are you going to learn from this?
    • This is a good critique because she didn't really explain her project. All she said was, "I am painting my nails." I didn't really understand what her main goal was, she probably didn't even have one. She didn't really say what she was learning doing her nails painting project. It doesn't seem like she is learning anything. She just seemed like she was painting nails for fun without anything logical coming out of it.
  • I like how you are being creative and making creative things for the holiday season. I think you could explain more what your project is about and what your main goal is. And also you can explain more about what your project actually is going to help you learn.
    • This was a good critique I believe because I gave some good feedback. I think my advice will help a lot. I said to have a main goal and an idea about what you are learning. This was a good critique and was hopefully helpful.

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