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  • Stopmotion NDB1 AJF10 AJK10
    • This project is finished. The reason that we chose this project is because people really want to see stop motion and it sounded fun at the time.
    • I decided to highlight this project because I have never done anything like this before. It has been interesting so far to create the armature and come up with ideas.
  • Orangepult NDB1 AJF10
    • The reason I chose to highlight this project is because I never did any building projects for thinkering studio. We created this project to accomplish distance and height of our projectile. One of the steps we took to get there was planning our build and listing materials. Another step we took was building the weapon. Our last step was to test the weapon. Testing the Orangepult was easier than building it. But,building it was a bit stressful.
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The reason I decided to highlight the project is because I think minecraft is fun. I chose to do minecraft redstoning because I am bad at it and needed to improve. One of the parts that was most enjoyable and made me want to mention this project was having fun; with the activator and detector rails. I also used sticky pistons and other materials like slime blocks to make an "electric trampoline". I did simple redstoning since it would've taken to long if I had done complex redstoning. in conclusion this was a very fun project to work on and I look forward to my next project.

Even though the project was a F.A.I.Lure it was quite interesting to think about green energy.The reason the project failed was that I did not
have enough parts. I got to make my own instructions which was enjoyable.

Top Reflections

  • I/We think...

    we will work on our story board without distractions.
    • This was helpful because it reminded me to remind AJ to not get distracted and to focus.

  • I/We think...

  • That if we budget our time and money we can make this more effective. Also if we work this weekend we will get our project finished in time. So, we will start shopping for parts tomorrow.
    • This was helpful because it gave us an idea of not to spend to much. money and time. It also helped us figure out our needs.
  • "Copy/paste a favorite reflection here."I/We think... I should look in the book more.
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    • This was helpful because I was doing redstone from what I've seen my friends do not in the book. So, I think I need to look in the book more because they all do complex redstoning and thats pretty hard as you would guess. I needed to learn the basics and thats what i did.
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The reason I chose this reflection is because it was very helpful to the overall process. It also had a big effect on the project, making it
easier to understand.

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  • I liked your project a lot. I definitely think that it is cool that you are using html. Could you do a animation project with code?

    • I believe that this reflection prompted Dylan to try and put some of his learning of html to work.

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