NCG3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Our thoughts on upcoming games and movies
    • "I have learned to be very patient with my partner because there is always "a problem" with our work. For example today when my partner did not have his part in the work like he was supposed to I had to be very patient and allow him to figure this out for himself. Patience is a trait I will need in the future and I should work on it here."
  • Game Creation Page
    • This project is exactly how it sounds. We (Jacob, Domo ,Reese and I) are trying to create a video game, but that's not as easy as it sounds.

  • Gaming Art
    • Creating video game fan art. This includes art for our channel and art for games we like. These will be posted to a soon to be made page.

  • Planet Gaming Reviews:
    • This is our Youtube channel where we review and play video games to try to raise our popularity. We post once a week, but will hopefully increase that as we continue our channel.

  • Minecraft Haunted Mansion:
    • In this project Preston and I will take on the challenge of building a Haunted Mansion in survival mode. This is stretching the limits of previous projects that I have attempted. Hopefully I can take a lot from this project so I may go to bigger and better difficulties.
    • Our page will be linked here when it is ready to be viewed.
    • "We we able to finish our Wizard Hut with some difficulty and got a lot of Spruce wood to build more floors for our house." This reflection shows what we are adding to our mansion and front yard.
  • Minecraft Map Creation
    • Jacob and I have decided to create a map and call it "The Twenty Trials of Minecraft!"
  • Minecraft Edu test
    • This project opened up a new way for Minecraft players to work together and build to victory! It is a server that requires the computers to plug into a socket so the computers can connect the players to their own world. With very few glitches it makes a great way to play with friends.
    • Above is the link to my page where I write about the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. This is an App for the Ipad, Ipod touch and Kindle
    • Jacob and I are working on a challenge map called the 20 trials! It should
    • We will let everyone try this map and it will start a new era of map creation
  • Animation Creation
    • I chose this because I love drawing and have always wanted to make an animation. I draw for fun all the time and I can finally out it to good work.
    • This project helped me learn more about the processes of animation

Top Reflections:

  • "We finished finding an engine which will be the Source engine and wrote our plan on the wiki page."
    • I used this reflection because it shows just how complicated making a game is. It shows there are a lot of steps when doing something this big as a project.
  • "Today we finished the courtyard of the mansion. We used cobblestone to make the floor. We created parallel flower beds using stone as the outer structure."
    • I decided to select this reflection because it shows the progress of our build and how we are going to go through with it.
  • "Today Jacob,Trevor and I are going to start a LAN world and play on it. Jacob is going to record and I am going to host. hopefully we do not run into many glitches but if we do we will have to take notes.
    • This project worked the best for minecraft. It didn't lag or glitch and honestly wasn't that bad to play. It was a great installment of minecraft
  • "We added a few more of the pedestals to our parkour portion of the map"
    • We have decided to call our map the "twenty trial of minecraft." Where players are going to be faced with dangerous trial to pass. These trials will require skill like no other.
    • I decided to choose this project because I think it could start something new.
  • "Copy/paste a favorite reflection here."
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

Top Critiques:

  • "I think that this project is very creative and I like your ideas for it. Although, how long are you planning on doing this project for? Also, is "Gary's Mod" the only game you are going to make a game mode for?"

  • "You have a great amount of pictures and visual representation! But There is no explanation for each picture."

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