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Top Projects:

  • Stop Motion Video Star
    • This project is a stop motion video start to Katy Perry's, 'Roar'. I worked on it with two other partners, Claudia and Carina. It was our first project and it took about 4 weeks to do. We knew some fun tricks that would look cool on stop motion, and we looked up some new ones. The project was fun and slightly challenging to do.
  • Crayon Canvas Art
    • This project is crayon melting, which is where you glue on crayons and use a blow-dryer to melt them to look like rain. I worked on it by myself and took about 2 weeks to complete. I looked up this project on pinterest and was able to find some cool tricks to use when doing this type of art. I had some extra canvases I never used, so the project was perfect. (I used a common template I printed from online to paint the people at the bottom)
  • Game Review
    • This project is a review on Android Apps. I worked on it by myself and it took two class periods to complete. I did this project because I needed something really quick and easy to do as I waited to get my other proposal checked. I used the kindle app store and looked up reviews on line to find other people's comments. The project was really quick and simple.
  • Hair Tutorial
    • This project is a video displaying different hairstyles. I worked with two other partners, Claudia and Carina, and we made a video with the hair bow, fishtail braid, and regular braid. This project took about 3 weeks to complete. We looked up videos online for ideas on what hairstyles to use and how to use them. This project was fun and challenging to do.

  • DIY projects

Top Reflections:

  • Today we were able to get 1 minute of our stop motion video star video done, which we are doing to Katy Perry's song, 'Roar'. Also, we made cool effects in our video, like changing the color and fun tricks when using stop motion. We so far are working really well together. We are planning the effects for next week.
    • I thought this proposal sums up what was in Me, Claudia, and Carina's video star- Cool effects, fun tricks, and Katy Perry's song, roar. It was longer than my usual proposal, and it was one of my first reflection, too.

  • We was able to finish the whole proposal so next class we can ask people for editing, like Mr. Whitmer and our editing group. We can't get together over the weekend, so we will work on actual project some other time. We feel we are ready for a challenging project, since me Claudia and Carina worked hard on this proposal.
    • I thought this proposal represented one of the best working weeks I had in the first semester. On this day, I gave myself a 3 for effort and 4 for achievement. My group was Claudia and Carina, and we worked really hard on the proposal

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