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  • Nak2 Basketball work page
    • This is the basketball project where we show people the fundamentals on how to play basketball and how to do some plays and skill moves. In the link above it show the videos that we watched and want to base our videos off of the videos on the page. So what we are doing is recording the videos outside, then taking them into iMovie and recording the videos and putting them onto youtube and showing people certain moves or drills or activities that will make them better basketball players in the future. This is helping me learn more about the sport because I'm a soccer player and i have no clue how to do certain loves or to create plays with others but this project has opened me up to a new passion and new sport. If i could redo the project the thing that i would do is go out more at academic lab and make more play by play videos or play by the hoop. But overall i think that this was my favorite project of the year.
  • NAK2 Gaming work page
    • So this is the gaming work page again but but this has the videos that I am able to add in. At the bottom of this page, there are the videos of my screen casting at the bottom. I was finally able to take the videos that I made in the past and bring them back to the present. So, the new project for this is the screen casting on our iPhone. What it is, is we plugged are phones into the computer and then recorded on the macs to make the videos, then after we were able to complete the videos we would take them, edit them, and then upload them to youtube.This was good because I had no clue how to do this in the past, but now I can apply this in the future if I ever wanted a job in the future and this is really helpful incase I ever wanted to make a youtube channel and display my games to the public.

  • NAK2 screencasting page
    • So what my group decided to do was screen casting. Rocco is going to play NBA. I am playing FIFA currently and then lance is playing Madden. The reason why we chose this is that we get to play ,any of our favorite game but also what e are doing tips on how to play. But while we play we are making a screen casting game so then we can show what to do when you screen cast and what to do when playing the game. So what i was thinking was make a fifa video on how to play the game and help people screen cast because that can be helpful for me or other people in the future. So when i came into screen casting i had no clue what i was doing because i had no experience but sense i have been doing it for a while i have been more experienced. I learned that i am a fast learner because when doing the thing i was confused but when Rocco showed me how i did it quick and now i have made many videos on how to play. What strategy that have learned i when i make the videos is make them then record because the things around it are distracting. Thats why i chose this game and what i am doing.

  • NAK2 Gaming work page
    • I chose to highlight this project because we all like to play these games and by doing so I can learn the differences ands similarities about the games. I am a big soccer fan and I love to play the game. By playing the game I will learn how to make my players better and my team to progress and become better. I chose to highlight this project because I have some experience in playing soccer andf I know the different plays so that will help me make my gaming better. Also when I have free time I play the game when ever I have free time which then when I am doing the project I will have a better understanding of the game. I have also been watching many video on how to play the game so then when I start to play the game I am able to play great. That is why choose to highlight this game. It is fun and I know it very well to get started.
  • NAK2 Balloon Powered Car Work Page
    • I chose this project because it takes a lot of effort in order to make it. It takes concentration in order to build it and it takes team work. IT has been a big challenge bringing in the supply i need so i need to accomplish actually bringing in the stuff. Latly i have been watching video's on how to build it and have been writing down and coloring pictures on how to build and what it looks like. I think i need to focus more.
  • Pr
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

Top Reflections:

  • This week I/we had a breakthrough when ... we found some videos that we made and now we are working on editing the videos. last class we spent a long time working on moves and other things. now that we are doing is going in for academic lab and then shooting on the hoop and showing one on one videos and how to put the plays in the game. The toughest thing that has been worked on right now is the song choice. We know many great songs and when to use them in the videos but they all are not ok for school. So what we did was search up the top hundred songs then that gave us many choices on what we should do. What we plan to do in the future is to work on the videos and start to publish on youtube. But the challenges are that the chargers bring don't work and sometimes the computer does not trust the phone and it will not trust us. So now we need to work on this a little more and get the project done.
    • The reason why that i thought this is my favorite project is i realized that there was a pattern. Every time that we tried to put the movie on to iMovie on the laptop it would not work but then when we tried to put it on the phone iMovie it worked. So then we realized that if we made the video on the phone and loaded it to youtube off the camera roll then it would work. This was an awesome breakthrough in our group. But the next thing that we had to think about is the audio. it would be really boring if the songs had no sound and it was just us playing so then we had to pick a can song and then we looked at dude perfect and they had he best songs. So we decided to use one of theres and then we posted the videos.

  • What patterns did you experience/see? There were a couple of patterns that I saw during the process. the first thing i saw is first pull up quicktime player. The next thing is to take quick time player and connect it to the iPhone. Then after that Pull up the game on the iPhone. Once you do that record the video. One you do that and finish you can then take the video and save the video and put it on you tube. But there has some problems. The thing is i have not made an account but i have made all the videos. it is very disappointing and i am really sad. But all i need to do at the next class is ask mr Whitmer how to make youtube channel. the after that i will ask him what to do and how to make the videos on youtube. So then next class i will then make the videos and the channel and start posting and then my goal will be complete.
    • I think that the what pattern did you see the most was my top reflection. The reason why is that I thought through this the most with this reflection. When I was doing the project I did realize many patterns. I saw that first you would pull up quicktime player. the next thing was plugging the cord in then recording. After that was to make the edits on the video. Then the last thing would be to download and post to youtube. Then after that we would take the new videos that we made and put them on to our wiki, we would use them for Mr. Whitmer and then he would grade us. that is how I saw the process and what we were doing. How I have been learning is making the videos and then posting because I had not known how to do that before. That is why this is my top reflection.
    • Type 2: What were you thinking?

  • What did you learn that you can apply to future projects? Ok so what i made was more video with recordings. This is going to help me in the future because it helps we with video productions. Also if u wanted to make a youtube videos on games i play that could be helpful. what i did was make videos and do voice recordings. That way people can watch them and see how to play the game. What i made today was progress through my project because i got farther. then also what i did was made a new team so they could play better. What i learned today was leveling you voice. you don't want it to be to loud for the people but you also don't want it to be to quiet.
    • Ok so what i was thinking about was the future. I was thinking that maybe when i get older i can apply this into a job. i heard that the more skills you have the more valuable you are for a job. This might come in handy in some day. Of i wanted to be a youtube i could now because i know how to make videos. i can also apply this when i want to do a how to video so that i can help people. That is why i chose this reflection.
  • One frustration I/we had was ... One way I/we dealt with it was ... I was working on my project at my house. I was playing the game and I got many games done and video taped them. I tried signing into Xbox glass and it would not let me. So what I had to do was reset my password and enter on my email. Then I finally was able to change my password and I was hopefully able to go into my account and get my video. But then there was another problem. It said that I had to sign into Xbox live and I had already did it. This was kind of annoying because then today I had to do code academy. So to end the frustration I have to get a flash drive to get the videos on. Also I was doing code academy and I do not really like the instructions. They are really not clear to me and that makes me frustrated. but when I was doing these I had to dealt with a couple things. I had to dealt with frustration because I had to realize that I was not going to be able to work on my project. So what I am going to have to work on next class is to bring in a flash drive so then I will be able to work on my video and then get ready to record.
    • *I feel that this is my favorite reflection because it is me telling the truth. I was really having trouble in this week. The way I like this is because when I was doing the project at this moment I was having trouble. But I did not give up. I made a plan on what is was going to do to solve the solution so I decided two different ways that I was going to get the videos into class. Then I also like this is because I was able to find a good reflection starter on what I was going through. I also put a lot of thought into what I was typing. When I was doing the project to get the videos in I was having a lot of trouble because I did not know how to get the videos in and I did not knowhow to even save a clip but then I was able to which was good. That is why I chose this highlight.
  • || I feel that i should the rest of the balloon powered car at home because i feel that it is going to be hard to bring all of it to school. So i plan to bring the balloon powered car finished to school so i can video tape. This project is really hard to bring in so i really need to focus today and actually get some work done. I am soon going to be prepared and ready so i am excited to get started. I have been really working hard trying to model and find what i need. ||
    • .This is my favorite reflection because it tells that way i feel of this project and and the truth. The supplies have been hard to bring in so i decided to bring them in slower with not all of the materials but a few. It also tells that i have been working really hard but my only challenge is bringing in the supplies and actually starting to build because if don't what is the point of the balloon powered car. That is why this is my favorite reflection.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

Top Critiques:

  • The project idea is really neat i really like it. You said the goal was to make a device that launches planes. You have already done that so i think that you should change the goal to getting the greatest distance. then you can continue the project.
    • So i thought the project was really neat. The NXT robot launcher was a good idea and i like how they were not building the paper plane out of instruction manuals. But he said that the goal was to build the launcher that can send the plane flying. But thats what he already did so we had to find the new goal. We came up with sending the plane farther then pierces and the other competing robots. But with that goal david is going to have to work a little harder. The reason why this was my favorite is we sat down sorted a new goal and now instead of waiting for pierce and doing nothing he can work on making the plane that can go way farther then the other ones.

  • I really like the project it was really good but you did not make the goal clear. You said that you wanted to be the fastest car. But against who you need a better description of what you are doing and who you are racing because apparently it seemed like you were racing yourself."
    • I like this because I put a lot of thought. The goal was really unclear at first. I thought that maybe he needed to explain the thing a little more then he did. But he said the goal was to have the fastest car and he already has it so how can he make improvements and when does the project end and how do they achieve the goal. He had a really cool thing but he did not do the best job describing and showing what he learned. Thats my favorite critique.

  • "I love your project and your goal you did a great job presenting. The one thing that I am having trouble with is how you get population. One more thing is how do you get all your materials do you have to buy them?."
    • I chose this because it shows many things. It shows how i felt for his project because i thought that it was really neat. But i thought that he did not really describe his project the best he could have. I told him what he needed to fix and that is great. But another thing is i gave him a complement to help him know that he is on the right track of what he is doing. But i found that the game was kind of confusing which kind of through me off track. That is why i chose this thing. It shows how i feel and not another persons opinion.
  • The project is a good idea. I like how you are doing comedy but this is kind of confusing. You guys said that you are doing acting and there is more the just comedy in acting. Then you tell me there is just comedy in your project? You have to make up your mind on what you guys are doing but other wise its a creative project
  • I choose this one because i said that i thought the project was good. But there was some things that were going to have some trouble. What i was thinking was that comedy is a hard thing. I had no clue how they were going to present their project because i am not sure if they are trying to make comedy lines or just learn about it. But there was a couple more confusion. I had no clue what their project was all about they did not give a very good description. If they were to improve their leaning i would look me in the eyes and tell me what the project is. Those two things were not very clear.

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