Project Title

by: ZMT1

"Final" Project

"Final" Project Reflection

  • Use the reflection prompts or come up with your own that helps you reflect on the overall project, process & product

Steps & Tips

  1. I need to research about simple machines
  2. I need to make a website on simple machines
  3. I need to start the mission possible with making the box
  4. I need to start with the starting task which is using a pinball machine plunger to launch a ball.
  5. I need to then do one machine at a time and add the to the device.
  6. When it comes close to competition, I have to add the end task which is to raise a mail box flag out the top of the machine.
  7. The I have to make the box as small as possible to get more points.
  • Add tips, photos, videos to help anyone else who might be interested in trying a similar project

Competition Dates:

December 10th - 6th Place
January 21st
January 28th
February 11th
Regionals, States, and Nationals
March 4th
April 29th
May 29th-30th

Difficulties, F.A.I.L.s, & Reflections

  • I am reflecting on my first competition which was December 10th. At this competition we got 6th place out of 21 teams. We went to this competition not to win, but to learn how the competition will be run. Here are some things we need to improve by January 21st:
    • The longer the machine runs, the more points gained.
    • You cannot put two levers next to each other.
    • The Transfer Log should be numbered not lettered.
    • You have 30 minutes to set up your machine. You do not have to use all 30 minutes.
    • If worst comes to worst, make sure your flag lifts, that gives you the most points
    • Make sure you use good pulleys