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New to Minecraft? watch this introduction video.
minecraft is a game is a game in wich you can obtain blocks to build anything you could imagine!
At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. It also has music by C418! So far over 4,905,145 people have registered bought the game. More stats here.
you can build anything, and EVREYTHING from a nice home...
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to one of the most iconic movie moments in history!
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there are 3 modes that you can play on in the game. creative, hardcore, and survival.
in creative every block and tool in the game is in the invintory menu that can be opend with 'e'. you can fly and you are invincible.
in survival you have a short amount of time to get started and gather resorces before night comes... be careful because you CAN die in this mode.
hardcore is just like survival but it is locked on the hardest mode, and if you die you cant respawn you can only delete the level.
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Tips + Tricks:
  • Never mine the block you're standing on if you're in your mine/underground
  • Creepers are evil. so are cows... those little creeps don't even blink. they just... sit there... D:
  • Punch trees. (Not in real life.) WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BLEEDING KNUCKLES!

Nic's favorite build.
minecatraz video: Made by nic or ncg3 also check out our youtube channel "cheekybuttful"

Project Potato Salad: By Solo242 and Hadesboy11 (Jacob & Nic)


A basic Home, Not much besides THE GOLD FLOOR!
However it takes quite a while to get such a good house, and gold is pretty useless anyway. unless you plan on having a ton of clocks I would sugguest skipping the gold.

Ncg3 Airship.jpg