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this year i have survived in survival and learned the basic techniques and the more challenging things about Minecraft. I have also done creative In creative i have done things from mines to roller coster to tree-houses to look at the world. In survival i have fought off zombies, spiders, creepers and skeletons. I also learned how to make pick axes axes and many other material. Also i made roller coasters in both worlds and it is hard to find supplies in survival.


thinkering RC13.JPG
thinkering RC14.JPG
thinkering RC15.JPG
thinkering RC16.JPG

thinkering RC17.JPG
thinkering RC18.JPG
thinkering RC19.JPG
thinkering RC20.JPG
thinkering RC21.JPG


thinkering RC7.JPG
this was one of my first time seeing a zombie

thinkering RC8.JPG
inside of a mountin killing spiders, zombies, and skelotins

thinkering RC9.JPG
a creeper through a glass wall

thinkering RC10.JPG
being atacked by zombies under a skylight so they are easer to control

thinkering RC11.JPG
the skylight working while i kill the zombie

thinkering RC12.JPG
one of my houses

thinkering RC13.JPG
two of my houses where the tall poles are


minecraft 2.PNG

minecraft 1.PNG

minecraft 6.PNG

Other house
minecraft 3.PNG

minecraft 4.PNG

minecraft 5.PNG

minecraft 9.PNG

minecraft 8.PNG

minecraft 7.PNG