Melted Crayon Crazynes

Melted Crayon Crazynes
Noah Booth Briggs Leahy
Are challenge is product photography its to make are photos a lot more detailed and edited
to make are crayons to be colorful and stands out on the board
Challenge Starters & Examples
we expected to learn how too take good pictures of are project and how to do circles with crayons on are canvas
We will be challenged by doing the circle crayons instead of the line because we half to place the crayons just right and we have to turn the board while we are blow drying the crayons
How will this stretch you? (Look at the Thinkering Studio Rubric for some ideas.)
  • Crayons
  • Canvas
  • Blowdryer/Glue gun
  • Some type of device to take pictures
Main Steps:
  • First take the crayons and put them the order you want the crayons to be on the top of the canvas
  • Second glue all your crayons in the same spot you put them in
  • Lastly you take your blowdryer and use it on the crayons until they are all melted
  • Use youtube to look up videos so we know what we are doing
  • Use your teacher for help for your project our teacher is Mr. Whitmer
Around Three weeks
  • We used google to find pictures of an idea of what were doing and we used google drive to put the pictures on the wiki we used youtube to look up videos to know how to do it. No one else has used this project before they have done the melting project but they dident do the circle idea in are class. We looked up (How to do crayon art with circles)
  • Are teacher is Mr. Whitmer and youtube because it helps us work through problems. Youtube helps us because we can look up hundred of videos about are project and its very easy and then we know what we are doing and what are main steps are. Mr. Whitmer because he can help us on anything and whenever we need help he's a good person to help us.
  • How will you develop your PLN (personal learning network)?
It was difficult by keeping the crayons on the board we handled it by using lots of hot glue. Another difficulty was the blowdryer burned the board when it got to hot. We fixed by Turing the blowdryer off when it got hot so we could cool it down then we would turn it back on.
Our project might fail because all the crayon could fall off and it would be too hard to stick them back on. (Conduct a pre-mortem)
we will share this by showing g our parents when we get home and we can post it so they can look at it at home. Our audience will be our parents and our teacher and students.
We will succeed because we will stay on task and we will be gentle with the project so nothing brakes and we will solve the problems we have.
We will evaluate and succeed because it went how we thought it would go the crayons melted just perfect and the board was a perfect size for the crayons
Melted Crayon Project We are making this because We can have fun and so we can be challenged by making it. It is for our parent to see and out teacher to look at.